Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

I hope that each and every one of you is having a beautiful Christmas season, facing what you need to face, saying what you need to say, and feeling all of the feelings that come with this time of year!  I feel that there is a lesson in every feeling, and I hope you have blissful lessons to learn haha!

I'm writing to you today as I have made it back home and have been meditating on 2017 even since before arriving here.  I am excited to share this first of 3 videos regarding the astrology of next year.  This one is more of an introduction laying out the transits and discussing the general waves of energy coming in.

I will be working on Part Two which will take the planets through all the houses, so you can see how they will be affecting you more personally, and Part Three which will go into any personal planets that are getting transited by the outer planets through the year.  So there will be quite some listening/viewing/learning about astrology coming up..... oh yeah!  Maybe do a webinar on them all when they are done to answer anything that comes up for you.

This is a super exciting, if not nerve-racking year ahead of us, and as I say in the video, you may want to strap on seatbelts and get ready for a helluva ride!  The upside is that big breakthroughs result from, and sometimes are the cause of Profound Revelation!  Injoy and I look forward to seeing you in Costa Rica next May for the changing of the nodes!

So Much Love,

18 thoughts on “2017: The End of Illusion & Profound Revelation Part One

  1. As a Virgo. Yes I’m cleaning house. My Uranus con Mercury in the 2nd. Uprooting my life of 25 years and moving on. Thank You, my life seems to be a year ahead of your report. It’s so cool to be an astrologer. Knowing I’m not Crazy.Ready for the change. Blessings Debby

  2. Very Insightful! Keeping the Core Values and Energy Centered around the Chakras, Muladhara, Svadistana, Manipura, Anahata, Visudha, Ajna… The task for independence of the old system, etc! I Hear You! I See You, Kaypacha! You are a Master of the New Age! And so am I! We need to teach more and more people how to become real leaders for the New Times. Namasté!

  3. Hello Everyone,

    This is my first comment in the New Paradigm Astrology.
    I joined about a month ago or maybe a little less.. I’ve been TOO busy and overwhelmed, ( and maybe also a little too shy ) to write or comment on anything yet.

    Maybe I ought to have presented myself somewhere else first(as I haven’t done anything on my “profile” yet at all!) , but so, I’ll do a very mini presentation here: My full name is EMMA-LINA Solander. I am born in DENMARK in September 1988. Sun in VIRGO. I grew up in France and am living in Iceland at the moment.

    Well Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR, to all! 🙂

    Thank you indeed, Kaypacha. I discovered you, sometime last winter(2016)(in February i believe), and you grabbed my attention right away! ^_^ I have been following you ever since. Every week, I see the Pele Report. And I’ve shared your videos and I still do, all the time, with my partner , friends and close family. And almost everyone is hooked ! Haha … ! At least, for sure it is spreading. YOU and the New Paradigm are spreading and expending . Like little light bulbs lighting up all around the world 🙂
    ( I thought it might be nice to hear.)

    Anyway, I do not understand everything, nor in this video, nor in the Pele Reports yet. But I am studying !!
    I bought your book “Astrology 101” ^_^ (And studying two other books on the subject as well). I’ve been intrigued and interested in Astrology since I was in my early Teens I believe. But it is you Kaypacha, who inspired me and actually encouraged me to truly start “STUDYING” it. As if you gave me a little “scoop”, and said: ” Go ahead! Do it. You can do it! It’s fun you’ll see!” 😉
    I’ve started looking at my birth-chart and the charts of my close family and friends, and I really feel like I’ve taken a big dive in a vast ocean, with a 1000 codes and secrets and places that might never be fully understood, nor even discovered… And though frustrating at times, (as I wish so much to understand it all much better than I do now), it is mostly a wonderful and exiting journey.

    BLA BLA BLA,…I can go on and on… What I mostly wanted to say is: THANK YOU a 1000 times, KAYPACHA, for everything you HAVE and ARE CREATING and SHARING. You are UPLIFTING and INSPIRING me and quite a few people around me( Iceland, France and Denmark). You are helping us to become more conscious and award of who we are and what’s going on. Helping us understand how to use our consciousness and awaking us so that we are able to make a difference here on EARTH.

    But I believe the biggest compliment I can give you is: thank you for being SO MUCH FUN! Thank you! That IS how you grab the attention. I LOVE your laugh ! And your humor about it all. You are very funny! And so creative and YET, grounded and always in touch with EARTH.

    And thank you to all the experts in the New Paradigm as well, whom I’m slowly discovering and who are all very interesting!

    Namasté. Alloha . SO much lOve <3 <3 <3

    • Lol I am feeling exactly each word you had written up here as if you took it all from inside my heart space Merci beaucoup Emma-Lina /Elina xox Comme cela est MERVEILLEUX d,être sur la même longueur d’ondes à ce point, et ce, au delà de tout ce qui paraît ns séparer; bisou ! Rose-Lucie

  4. Can’t wait for Part 2! Thank you so much for what you do!!! I can’t wait to meet you in person in May and celebrate the changes of the nodes!!! This has been the time of my second nodal return, and it has been quite a doozy! I literally couldn’t have made it through without your wisdom, humor, and guidance, so I am sending you lots of LOVE and GRATITUDE <3


  5. Hi – I can’t find the link to click on the video – I’ve tried both the Safari and Chrome browsers – in Chrome it has a picture of a broken link and in Safari it is just the text with a blank space where the video should be – I’d really appreciate some help, thanks.

  6. Wowy … somewhere my comment is archivesd. Part of the times.
    It blew me away as i watched the planets dance through the year… made me think of learning to jump between times … Yep I defenetly must learn that skill.
    I watched you with darker hair talk about Neptune and Uranus..it seems relavent to the this is year. Thank you thank you ! GC was great info.

  7. Yeah! born 12/21 bring it on Universe. @015 and 2016 have been so tick tacky with Holding patterns. I am ready to soar. Put my plans into action! Thanks for the rally! Onto part 2

  8. Wow 🙂 great “download”! so glad to have the inside scoop on the new paradigm. Astrology is so interesting, and yet I see how it takes some who really knows it well to teach it. Thanks for the good teachings!

  9. Thank you SO much for succintly, and with so much heart and connection, laying it down for us. Grateful to you, dear Kaypacha, for spreading the love and divine connection to our solar system <3

  10. Listening to part I of 2017 is so incredible, because 3 months have already gone by and yes! I am working hard on keeping myself in balance…since the new moon of 28 mars it is harder I am so lost, but now after listening I am ready for april…

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