With cool, calm, objectivity,
I examine what's going on,
To get to the truth, to get to the point,
So I'm not just wasting my time.

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This is a test, it is only a test..... Just keep saying that over and over these days as the finances, among other things, challenges you to stay cool, calm and collected when you may be ready to scream! Some situations can come to a screaming halt after weeks of rushing madness,due to the money just not being there.

If you are experiencing lack during this time it is not necessarily a signal that you are off track so much as 1. Everything takes longer in life than in your imagination or 2. You are not a one person show and you need to enlist the support of others, or 3. Your timing is off and it is not supposed to happen until later.

There are many many reasons for financial difficulties and many of them are limited to old, patriarchal, worn out belief systems that there is not enough and/or "I don't deserve......" Saturn is going to help us get rid of those outworn belief systems over the next couple years but he may do it the hard way, by just letting you sit there empty handed until you get it!

Lastly, in terms of love, this can be a lonely week also designed to help you examine your relationship needs vs. expectations and "ground" your expectations in "reality." Saturn/Venus is serious about relating and is for sure helping us get on track with large doses of "truth serum or else." Not a time to be wasting time with folks who are not in their truth (and wanting to expand it). Wishing you speedy processing and looking forward to this week passing.... Injoy!


8 thoughts on “April 14, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you, Kaypacha! Realizing the moon is in Pisces really helps to make sense of my over wrought emotions today (my moon is in Pisces), and the sense of trudging along feels bit unending right now! Great to know there IS light at the end of the tunnel, and to just keep putting one foot in front to the other with living the “Truth” in mind.
    Feeling so much tenderness and appreciation for the beauty and care from you and in my life.

  2. As I have had a T square going on all this past winter I am already on my knees. Pluto hasn’t been subtle moving through my 4th house soon to oppose my sun, which puts all the intense Aries momentum into my 7th. Researching astrology is my passion, and it seems to be yielding something because the Universe keeps opening up the more I embrace it.

    As for today, what a powerfully intuitive experience it was. The effect of Mars and Mercury in Taurus slowed and grounded me so much that I remained in the home until all significant phone calls were placed and received. Those 2 personal planets are transiting my 8th House and it was all about resources and developing a truthful and empowering relationship with money. For the 1st time in my life, I am looking it square in the eyeballs and it is reflecting back to me my value and worth that I have developed internally over many decades. Thank you Pisces Moon for softening me to my watery self today and letting the creative metals cool a bit under the heat of Saturn & Jupiter in Fire signs.

    This week’s awesome celestial synchronicity is with my own Moon and Venus in Gemini which are in for this yummy Venus transit sparking love and relationship consistent with truth, justice and communication in my 9th House which will be very inspiring to say the least, maybe even erotic. Its time to give up control and let the Universe guide me to the right place at the right time. Who knows what that will yield. Stay tuned. Thank you Kaypacha for your helpful and entertaining tracking of the planets for me.So much love, Moonrose.

  3. despite todays…. winds n waves of berkeley… mmm, i remember the frangrance, haha..sweethugs xonheart from below sea level ..uranus in 1 to uranus in 12…xox

  4. Dear Kaypacha, I am so grateful to have found your webpage a month ago. My belief is that we get what we need at the right time. I find your reports so accurate to whats going on in my life. My son, 24 yrs old, an Aries and i’m Taurus, approaching my 50th. I enjoy the affirmation of my feeling on things to better understand where we at and what we need to fix, in order to meet those objectives. We look forward to your weekly reports. I would love to read or watch more of your work, but will get there. Thank you, Namaste

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  6. Your photography skilz already blow me away! I LOVE that photo & hope you win!! Scowl or smile, she is a do;l&!I!#8217lve never been to that site, can’t wait to check it out!

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