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Life is an education,
Drawing ME out of me,
And the more I am able to deal with,
The more I will set myself free.



OK, time to slow down, take some deep breaths and remember that Uranus, which is such a prominent player for us now IS THE FUTURE. The insights, the visions, the awareness that is coming from deep within our personal unconscious is showing us our future, not necessarily tomorrow! The danger of Aries is over reacting in a knee jerk fashion with impatience and haste. Good to know there is time and not get too freaked out or worried that it's not happening fast enough or may not happen at all.... it will.

On another note, as the tremendous urge for freedom right now may be prodding you to head for the hills (or alternate planets), it can be helpful to simply make little steps toward speaking your truth, opening doors of communication, and little by little giving yourself more room to move, more self expression, and greater impact in the world.

It may happen that we lose the advantages of the relationships we are in, or cause undue shock and trauma to others by suddenly and radically altering our course at this time. Taking it all in, learning the lessons knowing that recess is coming can help to calm the wild child within. May all your dreams come true.......


6 thoughts on “April 19, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. KAypacha
    Excellent clip thx for the suggestion on empowering uranus via meditation! Will do
    I have a stellium in pisces sat moon conj plus kiran and Venus
    I want to dissolve in an earth vortex / run 4 hills!
    Very charming fun style of wisdom you offer

  2. Thank you for sharing nature’s beauty! Education is not the birth of “knowing” (which is an inside event!), part of the process of education is an outer “entrainment” towards believing (being then leaving!) and learning what others want us to; do and understand, so we conform to their “values” (or things that they hold dear that may or may not be good and/or important to us (or others!))! Education’s other aspect is helpful, creating and developing skills to; navigate life, expand our awareness to contribute (to others and ourselves)… The more we release what doesn’t belong to us (other’s beliefs that pollutes life), the more we expand to who we already are, encouraging others through our example, being our pure true magnificent Self… Thanks for the report… Namaste…

    • I love the smell of lavender but I don't often work with it as a dessert ineiedrgnt. It's a tricky ingredient to work with because lavender can easily overpower a dessert, resulting in the dessert tasting and smelling like a potpourri.

  3. look forward to your warning reports, last weekend we had intense family arguement between two individuals who have no history of being angry with each other. I stayed out of it, because of your analytical insights. I live in the southwest of western Australia and a client suggested your website to me. I am passing it on . Thanks M

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