Dance Your Stars

Feeling Your Self Through Astrology, Music and Movement
April 24-May 1, 2018
Ibiza, Spain

This astrological, musical and dance event will be like no other!  After years of working as an astrologer, musician, yogi, and gymnast, Kaypacha, in unison with Aurore (Sun Rise) will facilitate your journey into Self through AstroDance!  Together we will meditatively feel into the planetary energy of your chart and bring it to life as a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical reality.  You will connect to your Soul, as revealed through your horoscope, on a cellular level and have the opportunity to actually experience the union of your celestial and earthly bodies uniting as one within and through you.

Originally creating the “Yoga of the Zodiac,” which brought music and yoga to the 12 basic archetypes, then developing Astro-Constellations (an astrological expression of the chart based on Burt Hellinger’s Family Constellations) and Astro Drama, wherein the individual planets are channeled, Kaypacha sees this as the culmination of his work to truly bring astrology to Life.  You will come to know both yourself and the spiritual reality of the planetary beings as they reveal themselves through the combined mediums of meditation, sound, and movement.  

Through the course of the workshop, we will explore each individual chart by expressing each one of its planets by sign and house through choreography.  Each participant will have the opportunity to dance their chosen planet (or perhaps one you may be challenged with?), in unison with the others to bring alive both the dissonance and consonance within the soul of the individual.  Finally, having witnessed your chart being danced by the group, you will also be offered the opportunity to dance your own version of Self in a solo performance if you desire.  Either or both of these can be video recorded for your future posterity.

We use the dance to be FULLY EMBODIED – physically, emotionally, mindfully – a beautiful ride of being alive. It means we are present. To be embodied is to come to our senses. To show up and learn to stay with our experience. To feel our power and to make things happen in our world. When we live an embodied life we are fluid, flexible, and free to experience all of the wild and subtle moments that come by. To be embodied is to arrive at death in peace, free of regret for having missed our life because we weren’t home.


Tuesday:  Arrive, settle in, have dinner together, and an Opening Talk by Kaypacha “What the $%&* Is Goin' On?”  This is a 2 hour look at the past, present, and future through the lens of astrology and will serve as an introduction to the principles, energy, and evolutionary design of our times.  It will help us orient ourselves and prepare for the inner work we came for. This talk is open to the public for €20 at the door.

Wednesday:  “Diving into your astrological chart.”  After breakfast will gather together with Kaypacha to discuss the planets, signs, houses and aspects of the birthchart.  We will move the signs with Kaypacha’s “Yoga of the Zodiac,” and look at how the personal planets function differently in different signs and houses. This day will help you refresh your understanding of your chart gained through previous study and listening/watching Kaypacha’s “Astrology 101” webinar series (provided free and necessary to know! - see below).

Evening: A Ceremonial grade Cacao dance ceremony will be offered by Sun Rise to deepen our connection with our heart and others as a hearted tribe. Cacao medicine is the ultimate heart opener, it will give you energy, revitalise your BodyMind inviting you to express, release & unleash your creativity on the dance floor!

Thursday - Saturday:   Following yoga/dance instruction (alternating) and breakfast, Kaypacha will give a brief “mini-reading” of your chart and you will choose others to dance your planets with you moving from your soul’s past into the future.   With everyone bringing masks/costumes and makeup we will co-create a physical expression of your celestial Soul!  Each person will have chosen 3 songs to form a playlist (your past, present, and future), according to their Moon and her nodes (past), Sun/Mars/Venus (present), and Ascendant/Moon’s north node (future).

Through all of the stages that lead up to actually "performing" a chart, Kaypacha will be interpreting the aspects and qualities of your chart.  As you are moving your Venus square Saturn, he will be telling you what it means to help you feel and move it lol!  The idea is to create a safe, loving space for each individual to both feel into and more fully embrace their true life destiny as well as be a mirror/participant in each other’s unfolding.   The degree of your participation and what you get out of this experience will directly correlate to how much you put yourself into it.  We will not be forcing anyone to do anything they don't wish to do, and at the same time, encourage you NOT to come if you are not highly motivated to really engage yourself in the processes.

Sunday:  Explore Ibiza Day!  We will take this day to explore the majestic beauty of Ibiza.  Activities may include attending the Ibiza Spirit Festival (happening that day!), visiting Magic Cave by Cala Comte, Cala Comte Beach, and sunset at Es Vedra viewpoint (transportation included).  As a group we will discuss our options both prior to the event on the FB group page and while all together.

Monday: The grand finale! This will be the highlight of the event.  We will pull out the camera, put on some costumes (coordinated beforehand), put on your prearranged music (maybe different from your original, maybe not) and take turns dancing our charts!   Each person will individually dance their own personal planets (possibly bumping into Saturn or Pluto etc. in the process).  We guarantee that this will be a life experience (of your true self) like you have not had before.  Revelation, Relaxation, Self-Acceptance, Healing and Empowering can all occur simultaneously.

Tuesday:  Some yoga, breakfast, and a farewell circle.

As with any co-creative adventure, this schedule will be subject to change.  There may be evening activities and longer or shorter breaks depending on the needs of the group.  Currently we have scheduled long lunch breaks to allow for swimming and time in the Sun!  We want everyone to have a good time, time to relax, time at the pool, and time to reflect

Free Gift! In order to gain the most benefit from this program and not hold back the group, you will need at least a basic understanding of the signs and planets and aspects of your birthchart.  For this reason, your registration includes Kaypacha’s webinar Astrology 101 webinar series ($110) so you can learn these basics beforehand!  In it, he goes through the meaning of the signs, planets, houses, and aspects (16 hours total). Look for the link to check out in your welcome email!


Kaypacha has more than 35 years of experience as an astrologer and spiritual practitioner. His approach to healing spirit, mind, and body through emotional release and Kundalini yoga utilizes astrology as a healing art. In addition to personal readings, he brings astrology to everyone through international lectures, experiential workshops, writing and teaching. He is the author of "The Pele Report", a weekly astrological YouTube forecast and numerous magazine and online articles. Using yoga, meditation and nature for self-renewal and natural law as his guide, his work brings balance, love, and joy to others and the planet.

Aurore (Sun Rise):

Aurore -aka Sun Rise- is a Dancing Freedom facilitator. She lives a conscious Life following her Heart and guides people through conscious dance movements and the power of intentions, journeying through the 5 Elements, to access Freedom, Self-Love, Self- Reconnection, Transformation, Meditation, Healing, Personal Growth, Community Building and Life Celebration. She works with the Ceremonial Grade Cacao Medicine, the ultimate heart-opener. Dance, Sacred rituals, Music and Cacao are the center point of her ceremonies catalyzing ecstatic states. She is passionate about bringing joy, harmony, authenticity and fun to the process of opening people’s hearts. Holding a safe space where people can see beyond who they think they are, reconnect to their true nature and express it fully.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience yourself as a soul being incarnating the essential spiritual qualities of your soul. We hope you will join us in giving birth to the movement of the future: AstroDance! Please register early as space is limited.

Venue: Can Cosmi Prats, Old Road San Mateo. Industrial Area 27 n°60, 07813 Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain - Website:
The Can Cosmi Prats has a nice outside dining room and a community room, as well as a beautiful garden and a swimming pool, where you can relax in your free time. You can also walk the land and the farm, planted with fruit trees, and visit our organic garden where we gather our food items for breakfast.

Meals: Food will be organized & served by the venue in the dining area.

On-site, included in the workshop cost.

1x Family room: 4 pax - 1 double bed and in another annex 2 single beds
5x Double rooms with 1 big bed
3x Double rooms with 2 separated beds

€1’895 (shared occupancy) - $2310 USD

Early bird before March 1, 2018 (and all members of the New Paradigm Astrology Community) -
€1’795 (shared occupancy) - $2188 USD

Registration: Contact Kim at


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