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Expanding into my future,
I confront my limiting past,
The test to see,
If both can be,
Transformed by Me at last.

Wow, bummer I ran out of camera time there..... I think I went on for awhile! I was mentioning how we have some figuring to do regarding bringing in these new social forms, particularly in the realm of morals and ethics. Great to have "freedom" AND especially great when everyone knows, respects, and honors each other's boundaries. And how about those natural/divine laws? Are we all tuned into the same station?

What are your thoughts on stem cell research, genetic engineering, euthanasia, testing and aborting imperfect fetus', assisted suicide, guns, free sex, group sex, sex with kids/among kids, drunken driving, the list goes on and on now doesn't it? Saturn on the Galactic Center is encouraging us to find our personal boundaries in this 3rd dimension. Being clear and holding our own takes the burden off external others needing to do it "to us" (Pluto in Capricorn is powerful external authorities!).

So these next few weeks are good for reflecting on a few things and perhaps taking control of the "bus" called life and slowing it down to your pace! Being Saturn instead of resenting Saturn and reap the benefits of extra time, patience, healthy blood pressure, longer life, maturity and more. Get a massage while you're at it with that Mars in Taurus.... make love slowly..... injoy......


18 thoughts on “April 5, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. That was soo needed, Soo beautiful, I loved it!! I was right there with you, totally got it & would be very interested to see the rest;) For me, that ‘rant’ was like soul food & I’d go for a second serve any day! Big, big love & thank you xx

  2. Perfect! I am in my 60’s(went through those times)” just falling in love with a “tribe” from about 27 to 30 years old, and last night, we were talking about the then and the now. I was trying to explain about the planetary alignments in both eras. Your sharing,
    was so right on. Thank you, for expressing and channeling the way that you do!

  3. I’ve been listening to report for some years now. Thank you for your laughter, for the beautiful pictures of nature, and your word, wisdom.
    The report today clarified some issues that a present in my life. You ware very clear and direct in your expression in the beginning. Very interesting in the last half as you were free morning bigger issues. Thank you for doing this report for us. Blessings Sabina

    • Too awesome this week, TL/Kaypacha!!!
      Double whammy of astro-educational goodness, thank you 🙂

      *NOTE: The following has been loosely transcribed to reinforce my own astro-educational process
      – same post in youtube comments

      “How can WE transform the past?”

      TC 22:05;
      -coexistence of freewill and fate, dualisitic, polarized, paradoxical reality that we live within
      the 3rd dimension is totally set, OK?
      – we have the etheric body, which we have very little control over but the astral body…we have consciousness. And we can really interpret events of the past and liberate our future by actually liberating ourselves from the past.

      TC 22:45:
      – Uranus has to free itself from Pluto in Capricorn to fully realize the extent of its own freedom.

      TC 22:54:
      – SO….we liberate OURSELVES, we do not liberate ourselves from some external authority. We liberate our consciousness and are automatically liberated and freed from constraints of the outside world…because it is only a huge BIG mirror!

      TC 23:41
      -Where the spirit meets the body, through this mind / heart mind…opening with the heart, thinking with the heart, using that heart as the method and the means of expanding my future…not with my ideas and my plans and my strategies. Looking for what? Pluto in Capricorn is Obsessive Compulsive about control and physical/financial security and that is not what Chiron and Neptune in Pieces is bringing forward for us…and that is not what is going to birth a new paradigm right?

      Yeah, no wonder Uranus is breaking free of that!

      TC 25:48:
      -I know Eckhart Tolle and we are all into the power of NOW and the future meets the past in the NOW…we all want to be in that NOW….and we have been given memory, given egos. we are spiritual beings in these ego bodies and so much of our evolution – just look at evolution…evolution occurs through TIME! We want to use our time here, we came into the 3rd dimension to USE TIME, to PLAY with TIME, to MESS with TIME, to change ourselves through TIME. So…yes, we can be in the NOW — beautiful, beautiful state, feminine state — AND we are also able to really expand in both directions into the future and the past…making the NOW an even LARGER moment 🙂

  4. Thank you thank you thank you so very much ! It was/is beautifull ! Aloha, so much love to you ! Elisabeth

  5. Currently going through my Saturn return born in 86 your report was amazing and makes so much especially since it’s all about self analyzing and healing ourselves I assumed cause Saturn sits in my 1st house and 12 house I was alone but after seeing this I totally realize some of this! Such a great mantra Thankyou again!

  6. So good! Thank you Kaypacha. Interesting short selection of events from April 1966 (you spoke of Saturn and Chiron we are at 3rd quarter square of now):

    April 3 – Luna 10 is the first manmade object to enter lunar orbit.
    April 8 – Time magazine cover story asks “Is God Dead?”
    April 13 – United States president Lyndon Johnson signs the 1966 Uniform Time Act, dealing with daylight saving time.
    April 21 – An artificial heart is installed in the chest of Marcel DeRudder in a Houston, Texas hospital.
    – The opening of the Parliament of the United Kingdom is televised for the first time.
    April 24 – Uniform daylight saving time is first observed in most parts of North America.

    Aspects of technology, God, and even Time itself! All covered in this Pele report, excellent. It truly is a beautiful design we are all part of.

  7. I love how you tap in Kaypacha …it is like coming down from source energy into your brain / heart totally channeling …it it’s very meditative and so helpful …You letting me / I / us know we’re not alone and not crazy from here now on this earth plane …totally makes sense ??thank you…

  8. I was born on Earth in ’89. I resonate with the Indigo Child presence.. the gifts and the challenges. I also felt a lot of resonance with the theme of this forecast. A big challenge lately has been letting the voice of my heart pierce through my mind chatter and mental beliefs (or lack thereof). Confusion, self-doubt and mental loops have lead to anxiety and depression. “What should I do with my life? What is the right thing to do? What is ‘right’? Is ‘right’ universal or relative? How can I answer this question? How much should I rely on my mind and logic? A little? A lot? None? Can I listen to the advice of others? How much can I trust what others say and believe, who may be going through the same existential crises? Or worse yet, who haven’t gone through them yet?” …. So much debilitating imagination 🙂

    I keep trying to remind myself to practice patience and stay present through breath-work.. and not close inward too much.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom! Your laughter is contagious.

    • Hi there Ash,

      I hope it’s ok for me to speak up and share something I found helpful.
      I was born in Nov. of ’84 and I could relate to a lot of what you posted in your comment.
      This school has been really helpful for me in learning how to ‘navigate’ and it might help you answer some of your questions:

      My friend does a great job of weaving together astrology and herbalism, and it’s really helped me find my way. Hope it helps you too!


      • one must therefore … one must therefore step back and reflect on the blruedning fallacy one has just committed. Coming up against a person of such insight and education has certainly put me in my place. Was this answer helpful?

  9. I love your laugh you really are moved by what you say and so it moves the viewer. This report was particularly visionary. So much to think about…

  10. I loved this report, you were on fire Kaypacha Lescher! Wow. I just have one question? Why are you now posting ads before your report. It is a huge (as you would say) bummer! Namaste, aloha, so much love!

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