Astrology Forecast for February 2013

astrology forecast february 2013Life is a series of transitions.  We grow from young to old, climb from bottom to top, and circle back again to start another round.  This month, as the Sun moves through Aquarius into Pisces, it signals that we have made it over three quarters of the way around the track and are headed for yet another finish line.  Since the solstice of December 21st and through much of this month of January, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars have made their passage through Capricorn and now into Aquarius.  This is a special time of the year.

It is a time when we have been reflecting on the gains and the losses, the spreadsheets of our lives so to speak, and looking at the balance that remains.  Capricorn is the culmination, the “highpoint” of the cycle begun last March with Aries.  This has been a sober month, with practical concerns for financial/physical security at the forefront.  Whether we have succeeded in reaching or goals or fallen short, it has been a time of Life giving us solid evidence as to which path will prosper and which will lead us nowhere.  The good news is that we can now make definite choices based not upon whimsical fantasy but upon objective reality.

And now we transition into Aquarius, the second from the last sign of the cycle.  It is the transition from the earthly practicality of Capricorn to the watery realms of Pisces.  It is time, in a way, to leave our losses or take our gains and begin again to look forward to the future.  Whatever this last cycle was about, it has maxed out and is waning.  It is now time to liberate ourselves from the old forms, the old jobs, the old sources of security as they are on their way out.  It is time to de-condition ourselves from past patterns and attitudes and break free like the fruit that has ripened and is ready now to eat.  It is time to pull our heads out of the ground and get a breath of fresh air!

Capricorn through Pisces represents the last quarter of the cycle, and as such are the least personal and most social/collectively-driven of the signs.  In this final phase, non-personal forces of spirit have the upper hand as we mature beyond our own self-interest to become more socially and spiritually aware.  It is a time to awaken more and more to the bigger picture and through non-attachment, possibly gain a perspective from which the grander purposes of creation can be seen.  From high on the mountaintop, we may see distant lands and plot a future course.  Simultaneously, we receive the returns from the seeds we have sown, both consciously and unconsciously, since the cycle began.  With the return of our past efforts, it is time to make future plans.

Jupiter has just gone direct and will now begin to retrace his steps first crossed last July.  Later this month, Saturn will turn retrograde (18th) to review his passage begun last November.  This points to a period of increase, as the planet of expansion moves forward again toward new territory, bringing with it the wisdom gained since last July.  At the same time, the planet of tests, trials, and limitation will be receding back over ground (experiences) already covered, for one last look in case something was missed in the flurry of changes since last November.  Retrograde Saturn assists the liberation of new enterprises and the innovative energies of Aquarius.  This is an excellent time to risk setting far reaching goals.

In comparison to January, we will all be feeling the energy lighten up.  This feeling will increase through the end of the month and into March.  We may still expect a few bumps in the road, because as mentioned, this is a time when spirit is in charge.  If we resist change, persist in our old ways and don’t take responsibility for the reality that we are experiencing, this can be a time of shock and awe.  In astrology there are no “accidents.”  If our need to change is deeply repressed and denied, it turns into shadow and is projected outside of ourselves so far that we think it is someone or something else coming at us (or going away as the case may be).   We are then surprised, for better or worse, by a more sudden, unexpected event in our lives.   If you stay ahead of the ball you won’t need the extra push.

Alas, this too shall pass!  The objective clarity of Aquarius naturally leads beyond the human realm of invention into the non-linear spirit realm of Pisces by the end of the month.  As of the 25th, we will have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron, and Neptune (that’s SIX planets!) all in Pisces until March 11th when Mars goes into Aries.  The ineffable, non-material experience of infinite potential is beyond the ability of the mind to grasp.  The genius and science of Aquarius pales at the beauty of a sunset, the lover’s gaze, the birth or death of a loved one, or the experience of Samadhi.  If we successfully listen, hear, rise, and heed the call of Creator and align ourselves with Its intention, we may reach heights of awareness that lead directly to heart opening ecstatic experience as the month draws to a close and March begins!

This is not to say that all humankind will rise to blissful states of enlightenment (we wish!).  Within the field of grain planted by the farmer, there are seeds which are the first to sprout, break the soil and receive the rays of the Sun.  More will come as the season passes, while some will fall away.  The opportunity to fully blossom is a thing to be grasped freely by the individual willing to individualize, detach from external, limiting, past conditioning, and move into the unknown.  Unfettered from the beliefs, judgments, possessions, and social/religious norms, the soul that has emptied itself may be filled with the nectar of divine inspiration.

We are now in the very infancy of a much grander, greater cycle of earthly expansion.  December 21, 2012 marked the beginning of a new reality to be experienced on this planet, an expansion of Her capacity.  While many were waiting with bated breath for instantaneous manifestation of spirit power, the seed has only begun to sprout.  If we consider the building of the Roman empire, the spread of Christianity across the globe, or the political protection of individual human rights, we see that the collective consciousness is first “seeded” by individuals whose impulse is felt and spreads like waves from a stone thrown in a still pond.

This is not the time to throw up our hands and throw in the towel, but rather to tap into ever deeper layers within ourselves and the subterranean flow of the collective unconscious.  This month and next will offer each of us new opportunities to flex our spirit muscle in new ways.  The truth about Life and ourselves, lying beyond the realms of science and religion, is within grasp.  This is the month to draft the life plan that will take you there.  Every moment holds within it the promise of understanding; every person is a portal to the infinite.  The sublime feeling of eternal love does not need to be triggered by massive, external, dramatic displays so much as in the minutest moments of inner awakening.  May you have a month filled with such moments that grow exponentially in every multidimensional direction!

Big days of change are: 1, 4, 8, 9, 10, 18, 20, 25 and 28

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