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It's time to be responsible,
It's time to take a stand,
I may be right, I may be wrong,
But I'll try again and again.


Ha ha! Now this is a tricky report. You have to hang in there if it rubs the wrong way. We might wonder, how can it be wrong and be right at the same time? Making the shift from 3D to 4D is the trick! If we stay in the 3D, things can look and feel very "wrong," and indeed they are. BUT, when those wrong "things" lead to growth, expansion, and evolution, in the "end" they were right Ha Ha!

With Mars conjuncting Saturn it may appear, and in one way truly be BAD (like pain and suffering), but the soul-spirit has its own mysterious ways of working, that once seen, felt, and integrated, turn that BAD into REVELATION! May you take all your hardships, mistakes, faults, and mess ups and turn them into gold. Welcome to the magical mystery tour


9 thoughts on “August 11, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. HI ,AND OH my god Tom..After seeing this Pele Report Oh yea….It is indeed cold here in Norway this year….Hope someone brings you wool …underwear,,and Wool sweaters ,Wool socks ..Wool everything..
    I am so greatfull to have found you..As you`ve said so many times..The once who know about astrology,will seek ..Others won`t belive, until they get their birth charts done..
    You make a huge difference you sharing your knowledge, your generosity ,your wisdom and insight AND YOUR LOVE FOR THE HUMAN KIND TROUGH astrology..
    Sending you wishes for more heat and warmer days here in Geilo.Norway..But this summer..oh god.Well… are lucky to live in Costa Rica this year..Or where ever south in Europe you`ve been..You know….Here ..Norway feels almost like Greenland..these days…Not normal at this time of year.. is this summertime??
    Wish i were there at your workshop–Another time..Another place…In the meantime I am studying trying to understand more and more to become be a wiser person and hopefully an astrologer-,as well
    -LOTS TO LEARN…..I am so Greatfull…and thanks so much ..for you ,
    being so generous & inspiring..The way you do this is so unique indeed
    you and yours all the best…!!!!…
    From me
    Lynni..Oslo Norway

  2. Dear Kaypacha,

    Tank you for your report.
    It is benefisial to me.
    Bay the way, Norway has nice warm sweaters. I am sure you want one.

    Regard,s Jaap

  3. Hi Kaypacha, this is a mostly sartorial comment, to tell you a) you look hot in that hat, good look for you, and b) if you do buy a sweater in Norway, try and find one that is make of wool that still has some lanolin left in it, very old school, warmer, more durable, and imho nicer… an investment sweater hahaha!

    AND to tell you that your reports each week help me so much in my daily life. I truly rely on them, and appreciate greatly how you don’t overwhelm with terms and angles and numbers, ’cause that stuff makes my brain go on **TILT!!**. I really like also how you always place the week’s report in a larger context, of the larger cycles, conjunctions, etc. Gives me a great context in which to place the weekly report. In fact, maybe try “setting the stage” towards front of Pele Report, so the weekly has a place to conceptually “sit”… Sharing that ’cause I know u like feedback!

    One other thing I’ve been thinking about… For me, I always have a hard time remembering mantra… Perhaps this would be too hard (??)…. What about a single word, or two max, to “hold” in consciousness for the week, and or a tarot car d (or other image) that can be easily downloaded, plopped on a phone or desktop screen.

    OK one MORE thing, this w/ my marketing hat on. Make that weekly word and image into a cool meme, post it with report, on twitter, etc. etc. So easy, what we call low- hanging fruit. ?

    Love you Kaypacha, thank you for rocking my world every week!

  4. I just wanted to tell you that I think the wind is trying to speak with you and supporting your loving words. If you go back to almost every video you have done, in the last year that I have been watching, every time you speak about self love and forgiveness and the collective love, the wind responds to your words. I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time that I thought this. One day when I spoke to the wind, she responded to every word with support and love. She was so excited that I heard her. It has changed my connection with Spirit. Mother Nature is speaking to us and supporting our every thought and words. Thanks for all that you do. You are part of Mother Nature and you and the wind are ONE.

    • Kathrine Damico: <3 This is some of the most beautiful and hearthwarming I have heard in a long time. Thank you so much for this, for giving me the wind (back). All the love in the world. G

  5. Thank you for being a true Source of wisdom and knowledge. I’m grateful to have your videos and understanding of astrology as a tool to continue doing the work I’m here to do. Sat nam! Namaste! And lots and lots of love!!!

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