I need to own my part,
In order to open my heart,
Feeling my fears and releasing my tears,
Will prepare me for my new start.

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This is a cleanse, it is only a cleanse, maybe a long cleanse, but only a cleanse.....As mentioned in the report, this Venus retrograding into the underworld is bringing us down! Down into the lower chakras of earth and water and our feelings around physical and emotional security. How do you get yours? Of course we often get these through relationships which then tend to trigger our shadow.

So part of this process is a cleansing and purifying of the old stuff down there as when we get triggered it brings up past emotions. However, another part of the process is the getting in touch with your own true life purpose, creativity, and passion. Have you noticed that when you are having fun time flies by? Well the same is true when you are doing your passion. And not only time flies by but you don't get all caught up in other people's business and reactions and projections and problems haha! So let's all remember that when everybody's business and everybody's problems are getting us down it may just be a sign that we are too busy with other people's business! Injoy!


10 thoughts on “August 5, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thankyou for an amazingly interesting weekly report!
    I just wonder about he 8th august 2015- it adds up to 888 and some people say its called the lions gate when healing energies will be pouring into the world and others (kabbalists) say that the number eight is the biggest challenge.
    My daughter is getting married this day so I am very curious!

    • Charlotta, Wow, I sense your daughters wedding will be a powerful celebratory union, setting a deep tone of beautiful resonance. Rejoice!

  2. What A LION!
    To give the gift from the heart to all in a guided Underworld meditation. SImply elegant! Truly an energetic signature, coralling from love, for transformation into a single act of creation with infinite potentials!!! (Meow)
    Pluto’s heart will help in transformation.
    From the first breath, to the last, it is the sacred self, relationship to home.
    Readiness in service, is the Hazmat team mantra of love, until love is all we know.
    Ground, surrender, transform, purify, release … Into love.
    Every challenge/obstacle surrenders a gift.
    Every angle changes perception, but it is the soul’s journey to self that changes perspective.
    Big ones, shock us awake, little ones are a modality that build magnificient tandem liberations and ripples.
    No Subtilties are lost.
    TEARS are a RIGHT and a Privilege.
    Let the little deaths, transform and fill our hearts with grace.
    So the reciprocal infinite exchanges are easily identifiable, and all we know.
    Restoring Collective Unity In a Divine Grace with Gaia.
    It is a continual dynamic transformation.
    The Sun shines, Shadow.
    Let me eat my own tail, (haha)
    as it has a rattle and a key. 🙂

    Give a women a fish and she will ask how you got it.
    Teach a women to fish and she will feed humanity.
    Saying gracefully, “so long and thanks for all the fish.”(Douglas Adams)
    Then….I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. ….
    Now, c’mon hop into the boat, so we can all go fish together!

    Rolling ~ Infinite smiles. In lak’ech

  3. Really refreshing take on things that feeds into my authentic view of cleanse / purify ,not always easy but always worthwhile ,what else can be more important ,than to ‘realise’

  4. I LOVE YOU !! Thank you for your weekly insights. So helpful. Many Blessings to you thank you for your amazing work.

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