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Embracing Leo – July/August 2013

This week’s Pele Report is an interview with my friends from down under in the CIA (Cosmic Intelligence Agency). Hope you enjoy it.

I’m currently on the road to the first Kaypacha Healing Festival in Garberville, CA starting THIS weekend, July 26th. For more info, check out Hope to see you! Aloha!

In this interview, I explain the some of the current planetary aspects, beginning at minute 6. Injoy!

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Kaypacha’s Healing Festival BREAK FREE Complimentary Webinar Series

Namaste friends! I’d like to invite you to participate in a free webinar, “Break Free Stories” in support of the first-ever Kaypacha Healing Festival. We’d like you all to have a taste of what the presenters have gone through to bring their gifts to the world — their personal break-free stories — that will inspire you to become more true to your authentic voice and life calling.

Please visit this link, sign up with your email and then share the page soon. Watch your email on April 25th  for the first of many interviews, with none other than festival creator, Tom Kaypacha Lescher himself — you won’t want to miss his amazing story!

When you sign up, you will immediately receive in addition, a bonus audio seminar on the 3 enlightened ways to express your authentic voice while keeping your feet on solid ground!

Here’s where you can sign up and then click the share buttons so your friends can sign up, too:

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‘The Astrology of Now’, June 2012 Magazine Article

Magazine article from the June 2012 issue of the NOISE arts & news magazine ( about Tom Lescher and New Paradigm Astrology

It’s no secret: big change is coming our way. It is, after all, the infamous year 2012 and although the world isn’t going to end in doomsday and destruction, the world-as-we-know-it already is. The status quo? Finito. Business as usual? In the red. Everything is pushing us to change, to evolve. The ball’s in our court now; evolution has become a personal thing, and according to evolutionary astrologer Tom Lescher, the blueprint is in the stars.

Having practiced astrology for over 35 years, Mr. Lescher’s brand of zodiacal study, known as New Paradigm Astrology “uses a combination of all the planetary energies to reflect your own inner soul path and align your conscious ego with your unconscious spiritual soul intention. It is a means of coming into collaboration with a bigger agenda of your ultimate destiny.” Continue reading

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Tom on the Law of Attraction Radio Show, MAY/JUNE (and beyond) 2012 Astrology Forecast

Watch this exciting interview with Jewels of Law of Attraction Radio. She interviews Tom and they talk about the energies in the May/June 2012 astrology forecast. Learn about Lilith and the lessons she has for you, plus find out about Tom’s local workshops and how you can get a personal astrological reading in your town.

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