13 FEBRUARY 2017

October 20-27, 2017 – Eastern Cape, South Africa

Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose Guided by the Spirit of True Nature October 20-27, 2017 Eastern Cape, the Great Karoo, South Africa The spirit and wildlife of South Africa is a great guide to reconnect to the source and your infinite potential. The soul of the Great Karoo will unlock memories of ancient “Bushman” knowledge. The […]

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For the Love of Astrology Raffle Prize Winners

Congratulations to all the winners! $10: Kundalini Yoga Kriya Video by Kaypacha – Kate Merrick $15: 1-month membership in the New Paradigm Community – Christine Aseka $18: Evolutionary Astrology: A Beginners Guide, by Ari Moshe – Jessica Gianniny $20: Kundalini Yoga Kriya Video for the Lymphatic System by Kaypacha – Tanja Miller $20: Book of […]

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