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From the top of the mountain,
The way becomes quite clear,
I know what I want and know where to go,
As the wind whispers it in my ear.


OK, let's take that Sag new Moon and get out there and get going! The time of wallowing around, preparing, purging, figuring and worrying is now shifting into greater clarity. Our own soul (the wind) is whispering to us, and if we tune in, the way will become quite clear and the will to act will summon us forth!

Certainly a time of action with all the Sag fire, Cardinal Cap energy, and rebel Mars still shaking it up in Aquarius. Was toying today with calling 2017 either the "end of Illusion," or "start the revolution!" The aspects are pretty wild and getting wilder as I write these words, so we will see many changes. Hopefully, these changes are instituted by powerful, loving souls (with an eye to the stars and an ear to their hearts) and serve to both illumine and improve the world situation. Go for it! Thanks for listening.

Costa Rica:


9 thoughts on “December 1, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Gorgeous waterfall, thank you for sharing! Don’t forget the “Boomer set” and the affects that happen to them as well! Like Chiron conj. Pluto, talk about mind and spirit blowing transformations! Phew! Interesting statement, “Showing the problems means being part of the solution…” The importance of presentation (in a; calm, non-offensive, not in your face way!) creating alternative ways to think and act, will create the crack in the wall of fairy tales, which blocks most from seeing the truth… No more trying to take a metamorphic “two by four” to someone, to get your point across, or playing the “right and wrong” egotistical duality game (which creates resistance!)… Instead, present alternative possibilities in a; calm, matter of fact way (without seemingly being threatening), allows for the “Hmm factor” allowing the nourishing water to seep through the illusional cracks… When we work “with” others, resolutions are possible! Just remember, you can take an elephant to water, but you can’t make it drink! Present the alternative, then let go and allow god/dess to do the heavy lifting! “Free will” is about them seeing the calm wisdom, then at some point, choosing to shift for both themselves and others… We plant the seeds and god/ess sets the momentum for growth… Thank you for your post… Namaste…

  2. WOW WOW WOW!!! What a beautiful waterfall!. You are always striking with those amazing natural places and reports. I dream of being in a place like that. I wish I could travel like you, visiting those breathtaking and energy charged places, doing the things I love, dancing, designing, teaching, learning. I also do therapeutic massage and reflexology and I’m a Certified Gyrokinesis Teacher Trainer. I would love to make it to Costa Rica, I’m thinking on how to make it. Finances are not specially great at the moment, to say the least but, I’m working in my head to find a formula to make it happen. I’m a Capricorn born on the 6 of January 1964, and it has been really tough for a long period of time, but even more this year. I desperately need a change and I’m decided to go for it. Like the goat I’m, I feel my process of rebirth, I feel I’m coming back from my ashes, like the Phoenix, and I will find the top again. It was very refreshing to see your report. And I love your Mantras. Thank you for your light! Namaste.

  3. Thanks for the Pele report! Really feeling what you say about the Pluto in mid-Libra group. I’m 37 but just having the Pluto square, Jupiter conj natal Pluto, now also having my north node return.
    Transiting Uranus in Aries was tightly opposing my natal Pluto late last year/early 16, thru all the pluto-Uranus squares that turned my life over like the plough of the soft earth. Didn’t think anymore upheaval was possible after all that but evidently I was wrong!
    Definitely hear what you’re saying about things being “obvious”…ouch.
    Got Saturn crawling up to my DC point like a menacing slug.
    All this action in these traditional 5th house-8th-DC but I am not in a relationship, however feeling the power of all this moving me to make great changes in my life in 2017.
    I’m nervous of a Neptune opposite Saturn transit in 2017 but imagine this is just a continuation of a painful shattering of illusions in life, particularly around career/life path.
    Looking forward to new things & us all living in a way that’s true to our souls in 2017. Namaste.

  4. i was reading throught some of the posts and i find them to be awfully intgtesrine. apologetic my english is not exaclty the very best. would there be anyway to transalte this into my vernacular, spanish. it would actually better me a lot. since i could be on a par with the english lingo to the spanish language.

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