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I'm tired of the bullshit,
And want what's true and real,
So rather than getting stuck in my head,
I expand my magnetic field.

Ah, what can I say besides that really! Tune in to the Galactic Center (a black hole) this week and get a dose of reality haha! It's pretty darn expansive! There may be a lot of fanfare and fireworks coming from human sources but let's try and remember there is a lot more going on and a lot more to life than that. Gaia was here before us and she'll be here after we're gone.... let's make the most of our time with her eh? Namaste'

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8 thoughts on “December 14, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you as always for sharing the beauty around you, in all your destinations! Duality consciousness (right vs. wrong, good vs. bad, etc. ) is all based in the limited made-up ego… If we change our thought patterns towards “what works and doesn’t work”, it removes the emotional charge, and helps focus on workable solutions… When actions, feelings, motivations and thoughts, are for what works for “all”, then healing is immanent… Thank you for your humor and report! Blessings and Namaste…

  2. Brilliant. Let’s open our heart centres. Take the risk. Find what works and go for the break. It can’t be worse than it is. Let’s speak with nature her resilience and capacity to share her beauty unconditionally give in to our heart centres and trust the new ways as they present themselves to us. No more questioning just get on with the instructions our little voice within our hearts gives us. Namaste

  3. So many people just talk and don’t do anything about what needs to change because they don’t realize that they need to change . It’s the only thing we can be sure of . It was interesting that you brought up the heart . I have a friend who was diagnosed with Afib beart disorder . I know he has been through a lot of pain from losing loved ones . I told him he has a broken heart , simple as it is . His mind has put too much stress onit . People need to be aware of the connection . We come to you because we already know this . I wish people would accept that there thoughts have power beyond what they imagine . Love ourselves and the world around us , it’s all we need .

  4. We are all Rembrandts, we are fabulous, brilliant, talented, gorgeous beings, time to stop acting like prints from the £ / $ shop. On the 30 th December we leave the dark galactic centre for the final birthing of the new paradigm. Everything real can be imagined, everything imagined can be real. SHINE YOUR LOVE ALL OVER THE WORLD. HAVE A LOVELY CHRISTMAS AND A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR. HUG OF LOVE X

  5. Dear Kaypacha (Tom), I want to thank you for your weekly Pele Reports. I have been listening for a few years and even if I don’t understand all the technical aspects of astrology your ability to explain the big picture and the energies affecting us, often in a humorous way, are something I look forward to each week. I also love that you take us out in nature each week. Since I no longer live in California and don’t have access to the healing powers of being in open nature, I cherish the little outings you take us on. Wishing you and your family the happiest of the holidays and a less intense 2017! Big Hugs.

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