In my search for clarity, truth and light,
A very good place to start,
Is to own my projections and self delusions,
And stop pretending to be something I'm not.


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OK, you have to say it kinda fast at the end but it does have its own beat! The aspects that are happening now at the end of 2015 and into 2016 are simply telling us to roll up our sleeves and dig into the work that needs to be done. A good time to put on some good music, have a good attitude, let go of resistance, and just get down to the business of self reflection and self improvement and leave each other alone.

But not exactly or totally alone! Because actually, there is absolutely no replacing intimacy. It is really through our intimate relationships that we get the accurate, deep feedback that is like the soap in the bucket of water that we are using to clean up our act now and thru 2016. May you cultivate deep, true relationships that mirror back to you your highest potential that you may then strive (or fly) to reach above and beyond your wildest dreams! Injoy!


16 thoughts on “December 30, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Dear Tom, you are my friend, you do a good job, be sure, the only sincere and optimistic voice among the astrologers we can hear , don’t listen to jealous people (friends may be willing to make more money out of astrology 101) that can say anything else ! Happy new year from south of France !

    • HAAHAAAHHH! Some things are universal. I'm not a morning person, but I try to get my kids to school early to be there before those moms. Around here the dawdlers and morons tend to drop off closer to bell time.I hope someone reads your diagram and gets a clue.

  2. fantastic as always.. I look forward to your words of wisdom every week. Just a thought.. why not just read the mantra out each week and give your-self a break memorising them, just be who you are.. Much love for 2016!

  3. Happy New year!
    Dear Kaypacha!
    Thank you for your wonderfull mantras during all the year!

    They have become like a daily bread for me
    Coming directly from your heart , and the skys!
    Such a gift!
    Specialy for They are like They are!
    Much Love!

  4. Are you in northern California? I wondered as soon as I saw the turain and foliage..and then you said wine country? Healdsburge? Is my guess ..I am thankful again and again you are willing to take the time to share your knowledge I have been self learning astrology for 9 years and this is my go to weekly.I have a very active life of motherhood and it is very helpful to have you do the research and translation for me ..thanks for being a contributed to our beautiful world!! Happy new year!!so much love!!~<3~

  5. Sat nam Kaypacha… So much love!! Love your authentic radiance in this video, you’re adorably human and I bow to your genius! What a gem!
    Taught a kundalini rebirthing Kriya for New Year’s Eve celebration at Inspiral Mansion in Vancouver and reflected on our time together!!
    2016 is going to be awesome!!! Big love master Ji!! ??☀️??❤️???⭐️☀️??

  6. Hi, just wanted to add to the reality check thought that a lot of people experience the opposite, as in they need to not be so harsh on themselves, view themselves negatively and think they’re incapable or unworthy, when the reality is that they are capable and they are ( of course as everyone is ) worthy !

  7. Arrrrgh! The pain! Thank you for telling us we’re all being birthed together in this time. I actually have an argument about tires and so, when you said this is the year when the rubber hits the road, I almost fell off my chair! Thanks for what you do. It’s so much more than the sum of its parts. There is something deeply sacred to your call regarding illusion/delusion. Thanks again. Namaste.

    • Hi Kaypacha,

      I just hope you got down the hill- I felt a bit worried after watching the video that you would be lost in the wilderness! lol. Thanks so much for your reports and all you do, much appreciated and helps a lot. Best, Danielle

  8. Your words and video presence is such a gift… I have a big smile of thanks.

    So might you of been in southern Oregon, in the “woodlands” where pear orchard is turning into vineyard. I use to live there and I know on my hikes finding a clearing was rare.


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