The Healing Power of Love II

A Sacred Journey down the Nile Uniting Heaven and Earth
April 6-16, 2018

The temples of ancient Egypt functioned as places of initiation into the mysteries and portals between different “worlds” of experience.  The power and energy of what happened there still lives in the space, stone, and aura of these structures!   Together, on this journey down the Nile we will visit the sacred sites, doing meditations, hearing the stories, and feeling into the healing power of love that was the inspiration and purpose of the initiations.  It is Love that unites, connects, and awakens each of us to our common human destiny and serves to open our hearts to the beauty and joy of all creation throughout all time.

When viewed astrologically, 2018 will be a year of great initiation. Chiron will be transiting into the sign of Aries after 7 years in Pisces, and Uranus will be transiting into the sign of Taurus after 7 years in Aries.  In addition, Jupiter will be transiting Scorpio, the sign of death/rebirth for most of the year.  The cusps of the astrological signs can be seen as thresholds on the path of evolution.  A time of completing a phase of development and preparing ourselves to enter a new phase.

As we sail down the Nile and visit the sacred sites, we will also explore the initiation that we, as individuals are experiencing, and the initiation of humanity into the Age of Aquarius.  In particular, we will look to the transiting planets in your natal chart, especially the stellium (Mars, Lilith, Saturn, Pluto, and the Moon for the first 2 days) in Capricorn that will be happening at the time of this journey.  Pluto will be transiting its own and Saturn’s south node through the year so there will be no shortage of changes to discuss astrologically!

In addition to visiting the sacred sites, sailing, and astrology, we will practice kundalini yoga as an initiation into the more subtle realms of consciousness and opening the third eye.  The intention of this journey is to tap into the spiritual dimensions of life that lie behind and beneath all physical/outer manifestations of creation in the 3rd dimensional world.  If you desire to open your mind, heart, and soul to the healing power of love and “touch” the mysteries that exist behind the veils of illusion, please join us!  This journey will be a life changing event as we join together with like-minded souls to open our hearts and minds and to appreciate Love as the most powerful force in creation.

We will glide down the Nile in luxury and comfort on board a twin sail Dahabiya; a river-going sailboat in traditional design. The Dahabiya sailing experience allows you to explore the ancient sites of Egypt in a traditional way and capture the magic of the Nile. En route, we stop at temples and tombs of pharaonic times, all in peace and quiet, so you can feel the spirituality of the ancient monuments.


Day 1. Arrive Luxor. Transfer to Dahabiya .
Evening Welcome Meal. Introductory Meeting.

Day 2. Dahabiya will move in the dawn and arrive in early morning in ESNA.
Temple visits Introduction to Workshop & Cruise
sail to EDFU

Day 3. Morning YOGA CLASS
EDFU Visit the temple of Horus

Day 4. sail to GEBEL EL SILSILA . visit the Temple and stone quarries
Evening barbecue. night in Silsila
Sail to ASSUAN

Day 5. ASSUAN : Visit the temple of Isis at Philae,
afternoon: if the Dahabiya can come through (there are many rocks in the water):
we will visit the NUBIAN VILLAGE (if the Dahabiya can´t make it,
we will go there by motorboats and camel (optional)
(no class today)
night in Assuan / or hopefully in front of the Nubia village

Day 6. KOM OMBO. Visit the temple of Sobek and Haroeris .

Day 7. LUXOR
Visit the temple Luxor and Karnak
exploration of the East Bank.

Day 8. DENDERA . Visit the temple temple of Hathor,
night in Dendera / Quina

Day 9. back to LUXOR.
morning YOGA CLASS / exploration of the Westbank.
Alabaster Factory

Day10. LUXOR
Souk / Shopping/
Evening Close & Sharing. Farewell Group Dinner.

Day 11. Departure Day.


Cost: 1995€ - spaces are limited!

Registration: Please contact Mona at to Register Now!


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