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There's something new about to begin,
Not quite sure what it is,
But my fear, I know, has got to go,
To more fully move into my bliss!


Yup! The new beginning is coming, and we can get a glimpse of it these days, and our role in it! Venus and Mars traveling so close together for another week or so and then gradually separating as she turns to visit her own inner/underworld for renewal once again. Let's take advantage of the insights offered these days through the eclipses, this conjunction, and Lilith, emerging from her own 10-month sojourn through the underworld of Scorpio.

Time to dream some dreams that may take years to manifest, but let's face it, every tree begins with a seed! End of Illusions naturally leads to profound revelations which can in turn lead to magnificent manifestations! Let's go for the gold! Injoy! for tickets for May! for the end music


4 thoughts on “February 15, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. I love the Pele Reports, as they give hope for a better world. Hoping that more and more people wake up from the illusions and not live so separately but much more in a community. It does take a village! I get so sad when I see and hear about so many who are so lonely because people don’t have time for each other, they are so busy just surviving with their work lives overtaking them. Bring on the new paradigm, humanity needs it so much

  2. Awesome!!! Wonderful as ever 🙂 Don’t worry about the external noises, I see them as confirmation of what you’re talking about at the time – always really appropriate xxx

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