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If ever there was a time,
To let go, do yoga, and breathe,
This most certainly is it.
For I can fly,
Like an eagle on high,
Or throw up my hands and quit.

Such is the nature of these times, eh?! Even without the solar eclipse, we are looking at INTENSE energy pulsating through the heartmind of the collective conscious and unconscious! Like some game right out of the Olympics, the stakes are high, the pressure is high, the thrill can be high, and the losses can feel devastating. Hence the need for each of us to be "in the zone," just like the super star that you are!

Like I said in report, I am doing a whole webinar on this eclipse this Friday. If you would like to join the Eclipse Webinar click HERE

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The closing music?


12 thoughts on “February 22, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Hope you realise how helpful you are and how much you make a contribution. Thank you for all of it.
    Im ducking an covering but also allowing myself to see what my unconscious is hiding from me!

  2. I want you to know that I am truly great full for your ability and that you have been sharing it with us for so many years. You are and amazing person and you have shared a great many years of yourself with great intentions for everyone. With much gratitude I send your way and with peace and awareness in seeking other solutions in making your life experience a wonderful one.

  3. Love ya Kaypacha!! I agree with all the wonderful comments others have shared. You are so appreciated. Aloha, Namaste, and SO much love right back at you! <3

  4. Hi from geneva switzerland?! Many thanks + blessings for your great pele reports.we’re not always on time, so we wanted to know if there is a possibility to view your webinar later afterwards?????? good day to you + happy eclipsings and new beginnings! Bacibaci antje + marco

  5. You are so much loved, needed appreciated: you make me smile. I am nodding my head with all you say these two weeks. Some intense stuff thrown my way and I breath in So and breath out Hum and stay with it and look at my own part in it and give thanks for the signs and signals of which you are always a part. When things are like they are I go to your Pele Report to see what’s coming down formt eh Heavns..

    I promise I will look deeper to my own aspects. Love from paradise: Aotearoa Land of the Long White cloud. Please come here are here.

  6. This week I had an explosion at home, on Friday a truck crashed my car and my mother was bitten by her own dog to the point of needing surgery. Now my 4-year relationship feels shockingly disappointing.. really have to tune into the positives in all this ?

    • Mb… Sorry to hear about all that has happened! May abundant blessings come into your life, bringing order to all the chaos! You are; blessed (even though it doesn’t feel like it at the moment!) capable, resilient and strong… May the peace that defies all understanding, blend with you and guide you towards amazing resolutions! Namaste…

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