Chakras and the Planets


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    Jan Kent

    Hello NPA friends…I’m writing a Yoga and Astrology workshop proposal. I want to include a reference of the Chakras to the Planets. But Wow…I’m finding so many radically varied ideas on this in my research so far. I’m reaching out to you for some respectable references and thoughts here. Thanks for your feedback & blessings on your day!

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    Timothy Halloran

    Yes, lot’s of varying perspectives. Here are the correlations that were taught by Jeffrey Green:

    Root: Pluto (Saturn, Uranus)
    Sacral: Jupiter, Neptune
    Solar: Pluto, Mars
    Heart: Venus
    Throat: Mercury
    Third-Eye: Sun Moon
    Crown: Neptune

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    Ari Moshe Wolfe

    Hi Jen, there are many different views on this!

    Perhaps others here can share more here – but I’ll offer that for myself Jeffrey Wolf Green’s teachings on the charka/planetary correlations feels resonant to the extent that I am able to understand it. I find some of it useful in my own work, though much of it though I simply don’t have the direct experience to say one way or another. So I cannot be a true advocate of that or any chakra system.

    You can learn more about Jeff Green’s teachings and even find a diagram he first published in “Uranus: Freedom from the known” on the school of EA website. Here’s a thread where you can find the diagram: Jeffrey Wolf Green’s Chakra Diagram

    If your called to explore that further, there are a lot of threads on that site about Jeff Green’s charka and planet correlations.

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    Jan Kent

    Thank you Timothy and Ari…

    Jeffrey Green I so respect. Thanks for the chart Tim…fascinating the Ida and Pingala connected to North and South Nodes via Prana and Apana…lots of food for thought. And, Ari, thank you…I’ll check out the link on the EA website. I agree chakra/planetary connections feels resonant, yet maybe it’s so personal to each person’s own evolution that it’s darn elusive.

    Often Kaypacha refers to Uranus awakening the 3rd eye/6th chakra…

    Blessings! I

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    Wonderful that you are connecting astrology, yoga and chakras, Jan! Thanks Ari and Tim for your input…

    I’ve been teaching yoga for a while and love learning more and more each time I practice 🙂
    Next May during our New Paradigm Retreat in Costa Rica, I will be leading some classes and will incorporate postures based on integration of Astrological energies. Hope you can make it!

    About the varied information out there…I believe the great Mr Greene’s interpretation is on to something…also enjoyed considering the following based on varied reading material- thoughts,y’all?

    Root- Saturn (foundation)
    Sacral: Pluto, Mars (fertility originates here)
    Heart: Sun (Leo’s ruler) , Venus
    Solar Plexus- Moon (Cancer’s ruler/gut feelings )
    Throat: Mercury (communication)
    Third Eye- Uranus (inner vision/visionary)
    Crown- Jupiter (higher vision) , Neptune

    so..i guess I’m with Kaypacha, third eye holds Uranian energy to me…though on a initial consideration one may consider Neptune as aligning, being “imagination” though I feel if one looks deeper, the chakra where we leave our body at night and dream (Neptune) corresponds to the crown chakra. (As I understand from metaphysicians this is the chakra that corrolates to where one leaves the body to move into the dream state)

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    Hola! Indeed, I HATE to disagree with my finest teacher Jeffrey on this one but alas…. I feel that:
    7 = Neptune
    6 = Uranus
    5 = Mercury
    4 = Venus
    3 = Sun
    2 = Mars/Lilith/Jupiter
    1 = Pluto/Chiron/Saturn/Moon

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    Timothy Halloran

    Totally resonate with K’s correlations as well. Uranus for the third eye makes alot of sense in many ways; Jeffrey’s assignment of the Sun and Moon are interesting with that. I wonder what others might think on that.

    It brings to light that these archetypes are so massive and there’s so many different lenses and dimensions of viewing them. In modern astrology the Sun is masculine and the Moon is feminine, for example, and yet the ancient Hindu texts describe many archetypes as being quite reversed, where Shiva or Krishna (Father God) are correlated with the Moon and Parvati and Radha (Mother God) is correlated with the Sun. It seems this ancient perspective is on a different dimension or lens then the modern astrology one, where the Moon symbolizes the total Consciousness (Shiva) and the Sun symbolizes the total material creation (Maya). In both cases though, the Sun is an outward dynamic and the Moon is the inward dynamic though the “gender” is reversed :O

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    This is a very interesting subject, especially since the energy of the chakra changes according to evolutionary level, so this is not an intellectual subject, but a dynamic situation that only can be decided by an energetic analysis of a trained energy healer imho.

    I would hesitate being too bombastic in terming the chakras according to specific planets.

    But you will find a clue when understanding the glands that each chakra is connected to.

    Often we mistake the head centers. There are 7 centers in the head corresponding to the seven chakras in the body. For most parts, most people are centered in one center, for instance the solar plexus, an emotional center related to the pancreas and metabolisation of emotion. This is most likely Mars.

    The Sun rules the heart and the thymus (immunity through love). Some people are centered here.

    The haric dimension is related to ovaries and testicles and could be Mars-Venus related.

    Pluto-Mars for the root: Root is connected to the adrenals and survival.

    Venus for throat perhaps: the thyroid and balance. When this center is off, balance is off. It also rules the ears, so Mercury can be active.

    Jupiter/Saturn for the pituitary, regulating all other glands and corrects growth

    Neptune most certainly for the pineal. When people have this center very active, they loose interest in the material world.

    Uranus is the etheric energy running through the entire energy system and could be said to rule all “chakras”

    The term chakra is also needing a bit of specification. There are centers running down the spine from the soul to the spine and expresses horizontally to people through the chakras which spins on the front expressing energy.

    So centers on the back, chakras on the front. Centers are vertically oriented (to the soul) and the chakras horizontally oriented (to the world)


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    Sarah K

    What a fantastic thread, thank you Tim for pointing it in my direction.

    And thank you Sol for that real eye opener – how the correspondences of the chakras may change as we shift in our energetic evolutionary development.

    Thank you all

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    Yes Sarah.

    It is very hard to specify what energy runs through which center. Especially since we are not using the understanding of the 7 rays in classic astrology. The underlying principle in any astrological sign are the simple breaking up of the white light into 7 frequencies.

    These are the rays. It is these raw energies, pure energies, that run through the centers and that we communicate with life through. The astrological signs are on an energy level these rays in composite, mirrored through mythology. The etheric, energetic level is our connection to the web of interaction and creation, and our centers are not completely developed yet to be able to tune into the realm of these subtleties.

    And in the meanwhile theories arise from the abstract intuition. However, I am almost certain we cannot use the planets to explain the centers. This is at the core of medical astrology, another field ridden with mis-interpretations due to too speculative theories around the soul and matter.

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