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    Jeannie Pitt

    We hope you all enjoyed this month’s Q&A webinar. There were some a few minor technical difficulties due to internet service outages, and things are working a bit differently now with the new community. Next month we’ll have an email system back in place to email you with updates. For now, a suggestion would be to follow this Q&A board so you’ll know when updates are made.

    CLICK HERE for the recording of the January Q&A


    Tracy M

    That….Was….AWESOME! My first live Q&A, thank you so much Kaypacha for taking a look at the topic as a general overview and for the lovely personal touches…. So very much appreciated, this will help me both personally and in my ability to help others. Thank you, I can’t speak enough gratitude & love. <3 There was that *aha* moment in each chart you went over… opening to astrology is so powerfully transforming and it’s stuff like this that has me falling more deeply in love with it! Gracias! Can’t wait to see what’s new to learn next month! 😀



    Thanks so much Kaypacha that was Super Awesome and Helpful !



    Oh just thought I’d enter some constructive input as well.

    I didn’t notice any information about “When” the live Q and A actually was going to take place (specifically). Of course it was stated that it was going to be on January 31st but there wasn’t a time mentioned.

    The last information I actually received from Jeannie was that the video would be made available “sometime tomorrow”. So I kept on checking back repeatedly to see when, or if the video was going to be posted. But didn’t discover the link till “the day after.” So, I hope you weren’t lonely on the live Q&A because I wasn’t there! I was only able to watch it the day after.

    So perhaps giving clearer guidelines, as well as giving very clear information about where and when to access the webinar so us newbies who don’t understand can be there live with you!

    Oh and of course thank you so much for your input. Your answer to my question was So Illuminating and Helpful. I can’t thank you enough. It was so important for me to hear that and I really really appreciate your help and support. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!! Super Amazing!!!!!


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    Laurel Miller

    I received no email or notice that this months q&a was happening. Even just checked my email to confirm it didn’t accidentally go to junk or spam. I’m so bummed to have missed it 🙁


    Lace Chess

    I can’t even imagine, what has to go into all these web-site changes. So far the glitches have been small as I can see…thanks for everybody’s efforts. Jeannie, Kaypacha was responding to my question when the sound cut out for a few mins. any chance of retrieving that? It was around 1 hour 26 mins. or so..darn! If not ..grateful for the rest of the Q&A!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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