This is What Pluto square Sun, North Node, Natal Pluto looks like…

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    Your sharing speaks to your willingness to live inside out, and as a sister of such a nature I embrace your bold sharing.

    As well I embrace your complete experience of Pluto square Sun, North Node, Natal Pluto

    so now I have a curiosity. Pluto moves slowly. In the video you relate to an earlier video of a different nature/expression. And I have read your post of your full moon plunge into discoveries,

    so as Pluto moves so so so slowly and as I too have Pluto square my nodes,
    (we are in nodal alignment/)
    I find it curious this is the clip chosen to rep Pluto square Sun, North Node, Natal Pluto

    Today how would you sum up this Pluto transit? Would it not embrace a season of videos you have made, and the whole of the full moon, and then some more to come as it is just such a slow moving planet…. I am a big picture girl and so I am looking for a helicopter view of this transit… because in many ways it helps to see Pluto, as Pluto is so slow.

    My experience of transiting Pluto sq. my Nodes has been highlighted for me as well, so I am keen on this point of emphasis you have offered. And I truly sense this is clearly the journey through the transit of Pluto sq. your Sun and Nodes – but I am asking if it changes with a wider view?

    Ever so much love, Mic

    I will offer a chart IF useful of a date of transits recently used….

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    Hi Mic,

    Funny you write this as I am exporting a video of new insights and an overview of the Pluto Transit for me 🙂 I’ll share it in a little bit if you have time to watch,it’s about 20 min. Neptune is also trining my natal Uranus right now blessing me with some beautiful insights into the gifts I’ve received from Pluto. So yes there is a bigger picture unveiling itself at the moment you inquire. But the last video was just real authenticity of the heaviness of Pluto and also it helps me to speak what’s going on to lighten the feeling of it. Wish I had known this tool before.

    In my experience transit of Pluto is experienced within 1 degree of the planets and I have very specific journal entries of the mental and emotional “torture” exactly when he was squaring my stuff.

    Also, you do have NN sq Pluto so I imagine you’ve had some new insights into your life path as I have? And probably a couple years ago had a re-birth of your identity when it was squaring your natal Sun?

    With the Pluto/Sun/NN all so close together I think the intensity of this transit was amplified quite a bit. A huge push to have as Jeff Green puts it a “cataclysmic” leap in evolution.

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    Hey Mic, here’s the video I just made today to answer your question about the bigger picture. It’s starting to come together slowly. Still in the final exact square. Hopefully will let up by end of the month.

    Feel free to share your experiences of Pluto square to your NN and Sun.

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    Timothy Halloran

    Hey Trista!

    Thank you for so openly sharing yourself and your experiences with us. Yes – you are certainly going through a period of great intensity, big cycles are beginning and ending, death and rebirth is the general theme; This can easily create such tumultuous experiences, much like being pushed through a birth canal, it can be quite tight, constrictive, claustrophobic and with a looming sense of uncertainty as far as where things are taking you. In that regard I think forgiveness and easiness on yourself is of utmost importance. We can not expect ourselves to be perfect, or to never feel dissatisfaction, or to never complain – we are humans, and loving ourselves through it all and despite the imperfections is as important as loving anyone else along the spiritual journey.

    Currently you have the Pluto/Uranus square aspecting your Mars (the ruler of your south node in Aries) and Mars just passed Pluto a few days ago really intensifying these alignments. Mars being our physical energy and drive, and being so important to who you are (possessing a natural warrior-like determinism) it makes sense that a lack of energy can be a symptom of this death and rebirth period as your goals and direction in life can be going through significant readjustments this year. What I would encourage, particularly with Uranus square Mars being exact right now, is experimentation. You need as much flexibility and space to do things differently or on a whim as possible. Trying to hone your energy into ‘one defined channel’ is like fighting against the restless and unpredictable electricity of Uranus. Experimentation means there is no right or wrong way to do things now. A pioneer is someone who is not afraid to make a million mistakes in order to make one revolutionary discovery. That may be something to keep in mind as you restructure your own long-term goals and even re-orient yourself to what you truly desire as an individual. We are all unique. There is no one size fits all. It’s a good time to tune in and find what you want even if it goes against the grain or does come from the infamous ‘ego’ which is really a vehicle for living our life, not inherently a problem, and not something that truly ever goes away so long as we are a living breathing individual beings. It helps to see the ego as an ‘inner-child’ so we can not always take it’s complaints so seriously, but simultaneously not berate a part of ourself that deserves love as much as any other part of God’s creation.

    With Saturn completing his nearly year-long transit over your Neptune these next few weeks and square to Venus it makes sense that you are taking your spiritual journey, long-term values and goals very seriously as well as relationships. Indeed it is a time of maturing such long-term goals through really seeing what is working and what is not. Dynamics and situations that went unnoticed or were avoided before are now really brought to the forefront. The Saturn square to your Venus, which rules your north node, can really be stressing and bringing up the health dynamics, and the need for healthy boundaries and what in particular makes you feel healthy and good. It is relevant to point out that Venus in Virgo in the 2nd is about creating healthy rituals and practices that really makes you feel good, comfortable in your body, peaceful and relaxed; As opposed to the ruler of your south node: Mars in Cancer in the 12th which can be the easy tendency to go back into past patterns of simply doing what others expect you to do, or acting according to others accomodations versus your own.

    Finally, I will just mention with Pluto conjoined the north node in Libra in the 3rd house this boldly says how powerful and simultaneously important your mind really is to you. This is not something you should be getting rid of. Rather, your mind is an incredibly beautiful and useful tool of creative genius which you have at your disposal. Your ideas and what you truly value is what is opening the doorway for you to connect and share with others who really revere and appreciate the things you cherish and find interesting. Your greatest skills and capacity to help others and collaborate can be enjoyed like an incessant game of ‘show and tell’. Your curiosity is what is leading the way into a whole range of diverse interests; You get to be the eternal student and ceaselessly learn and explore. Gemini, Mercury, the third house, the mind is very curious like this. It asks lots of questions. It voices what you are thinking. None of this is a problem, rather they are hand in hand with your gifts and nature. I completely understand that the “monkey mind” likes to swing to a fro and can even torment us with all the things it can comment on and therefore stress about. But like the ego the mind is a child (Gemini is youthful). It cannot be forced into submission. Rather it can simply be viewed objectively “there goes my monkey mind!”. That type of awareness is what mindfulness truly is. The mind is never removed as if it is some kind of obstruction to our spiritual life. Rather, just like ego, it is natural, it is a part of who we are, and through embracing these parts of ourselves with gentle nurturing, empathy and forgiveness (like a mother towards her child) we can recognize the incredible gifts all of these things have to offer us. Such gifts make us unique and who you uniquely are is divine.

    Thanks again for your openness and authenticity and wishing you the best along your journey towards ever-deepening peace & love.

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    Beautiful sharing… thank you Trista and Timothy…. here here! I concur.

    Pluto sq. my Nodes
    -brought astrology to me
    -which gave/gives me a platform which harmonizes with the whole of me – ah’mazing 🙂

    -has shown a light on my fear – which was a residual of a previous life – that of crushing some form of new birth in other people, with my gusto & capacity all largess. Knowing this is wisdom and it is old guilt has shifted my own teaming. And I have placed my capacity safely in team with others without matching each other, but in honoring each other. And we are more together and I find a magical togetherness amplified beyond my old posture of standing shoulder to shoulder….. The essence of relationship(s) has been blowing my mind… it is where I have become most curious.

    -this (and my crystal/rock openings) have revealed that I can feel energy off of people that is other than what they might say or can feel…it feels Plutonian… or maybe Uranus. Maybe it is the energy out of their shadow? BMLilith? I am not sure yet. This is clearly a bit intense at times, but knowing I can detect (or feel slapped/charged or hit by) what they might not want to acknowledge, yet it has been opening me with greater acceptance of our multi-dimension-ality. It is a bit of a social dance with lots of learning. I don’t always know when to follow and when to lead, or what the heck to do. Yet, when it is sweet it is remarkably wonderful – even with strangers. It is like dipping into honey even though I just met them and we will not see each other again. But the vibe of love was soaring for just that brief social exchange for both of us. But to catch new vibes off of those I already know is a tricky discernment. I am resting into this, yet I am a take action girl. So clearly, I am in new territory.

    (And another bit- to this tangible vibe which I can sense off of people, I think is an old gift from my previous lives, but my use of it is transforming in this life.)

    This Pluto sq my nodes has been like a jump into a lake reservoir and I am use to shooting down the river.

    Happy trails as you move Trista and take up a new terrain in your spiritual loving giving ways!

    And Timothy your articulations are just so clear with such heart felt resonance, a heart of love and kindness.

    love love love xMic

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    Trista today in my meditation this lifted to share. I share it with the most delicate of postures.

    I know of total body fatigue and complete rearrangement of my way of seeing the world because I could no longer participate in the world as I had known.

    My experience was clearly my body going where no one could understand, and thus I feel soul lead. Might I suggest the body is just that, a body and we have these notions of “perfection” as though we are all machines to function in such and such a way. Our notion of what this world is about is often performance based as though we are in a race or competition.

    As we are in this 3D world our bodies are an intimate voice ever so sweetly and ever so tightly intertwined with our soul’s intentions. What I found in my bodies “failings” was the presence of my soul’s willingness to deny societies claim to what is and what is needed. And my body lead the way. For in my weakness, I was thinned to only meager measures of handling a day. I was brought into self discipline that would have rivaled my collegiate athletic best physical fitness routines and practice. I was to become aware of the most subtle of nuances within my body. This body is just that a physical experience of life, but I feel it is ever so clearly tuned into our soul. The failing of my body was my coming into a place where I could hear and learn beyond any prayer, or study or social construct of unity could afford…. so that there was a cultivating of source from within… to know within so tenderly that I could love my every every every ounce of anything.

    Skill sets cultivated to survive in those years, (4 years of sitting, with 2 years to come up to speed and participate steadily in life’s average movements,) were skills which opened me up. I had been spiritual, devout, a zealot and all of that failed to serve – me & my body. But within was a value that was beyond measure. This harmony and value within myself lead me to find and flourish with myriad of social & familia healings. I had good mud boots for all the shit I had to walk through. My openings offered me a rich depth of love and liberty of my soul, I have found no likeness to this, until I found evolutionary astrology- 30 years later!! And it is the closets thing I have found to my liberty of life and love.

    What was going on in 1989 – as my body gifted me sight beyond and a way of loving me with no rules….
    NNode transiting natal Chiron,
    Mars transiting in the first house nearly conjunct with tr. SNode
    Venus transiting over n. (natal) Pluto 2h
    tr. Saturn conjunct tr. Neputune, exactly where transiting Pluto is now.
    tr. Lilith had just past my n. NNode, and was transiting my Juno & Pallas in 3h
    tr. Lilith was in opposition to tr. Moon
    Moon & tr. Pallas was just past my mercury/Sun/SNode conjuction
    with tr. Mercury coming upon my ASC in trine with my 9h Mercury/Sun/SNode

    And in my year when I feel I entered the world again, 1996 was my/our nodal return, (tr. Pluto on n.Jupiter, tr. Jupiter 10°Cap, tr. Chiron conjunct tr.NNode, tr.Saturn conjunct S.Node and so on…). In this, I was/had chosen/ to exercise all the openings & discoveries with yet a fragile balance of what is…, or can be done – if called forth. Soon I recognized my “body’s failings” had lead me into such plentiful gifts. (And still leads! It is just a body, yet such a sweet temple, sometimes giving to ruins… as it will eventually anyways. But it is not void of connection to soul.)

    I think in many ways I am only restating what Tim has shared from a personal experience. And simply that, I share what lifted for me to share.

    Love love love ourselves (no rules, no standards, this 3D world is a murky mucky mess, which is as well, of the sweetest delights of love…. for me,) love love love ourselves and we love everyone, because we are simply that – one. love xMic

    I attach charts for viewing of 1989 & 1996 if desired…

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    Thank you Timothy so much for your time and all the beautiful gems of astro-wisdom you gave me! BTW I love your youtube reports, have watched you for about a year now and always look forward to it. One thing that really stuck with me is what you say experimentation and a continuous “show and tell” aspect of my chart which is so true, every time I discover something new I want to share it with everyone. But the energy hasn’t been there as much as I want to share, and that’s where the frustration and resistance comes in. It’s like a huge force has come against this area of my life where I truly get fulfillment, but I’ve been literally pinned me to the couch, forced to face myself and all the bullshit negative beliefs I picked up from childhood, go within to find internal fulfillment.

    Also, what you say about this mind is true, it is incredibly sharp and creative but it imploded on itself trying to learn and do and be everything for everyone! So it’s not to get rid of it completely, but there’s been a huge need to tame, purge and purify. This character came in with some heavy “demons” to clear out, so I had to blank the slate for awhile and not believe it one way or the other as it always pushes to look externally for fulfillment. The mind was completely overwhelmed nearly to the point of insanity so I couldn’t trust it at all and the lesson in the fatigue was to come back to the body as the #1 guidance system for how to move the energy. So I don’t want to kill the ego/mind, just a great evolutionary push to master it, which is a life long journey. And thank you for the reminder I am an eternal student. The tendency to latch onto one path as THE PATH has let go a lot!

    Thank you for your encouragement to be kind to myself and establish and hold true to my rituals of loving my body. I pick up so much energy so much alone time and relaxation is needed. It is important as you say, with that Mars in Cancer, because I do easily get swayed by what others want to do.

    The main stress/conditioning I think wen all carry is this great doubt around the survival of “me” and not trusting that something bigger is carrying us. It’s been amazing to see how the universe has supported me just enough to go through this re-birthing process and still have a roof over my head and healthy organic food on my plate. I am never going back to a normal job every again. Getting away from this conditioning has taken 6 years!

    So sweet of you and I’m so grateful, I’ll be reading your guidance for some reminders as I finish out this final Square!

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    Hi Mic, so beautiful to hear your journey which is so similar to mine with the health crisis.

    I’ve come to a similar place as you with honoring the body and coming into its quiet subtle wisdom more and more. Even though the ultimate truth is that we are not our bodies at all, and I have a teacher who actually lives in that reality with having tremendous body pain but completely blissed in the SELF nearly 24 hours. However, I’ve come to the place of feeling that until I am no longer identified with my body (which may or may not be in this lifetime), I need to honor it as a temple as much as possible and as you’ve come to see, that listening to this incredible vehicle as the truth of how to move in the world is the most precious. It’s been about surrendering to the wisdom of the body and allowing this process to take me into the subtle dimensions of being to find that unseen reality is so much more amazing than living on the surface like I was. Such a huge gift!

    I don’t have time to look at your chart right now as I am moving out of my apt but I will later and perhaps have more to respond to. Thanks again for your heartfelt share of the wisdom you’ve gained from your own heroine’s journey.


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    Trista, Sweet sharing… enjoy any movements within the chore of moving which are possible

    – I sense it will enfold generous amounts of love –

    to put it in my favorite language read feel into the below bit…
    skip it if it does not compute/resonate…. <3

    “relationship(s)” = amplification

    core truth + reconfiguration // reconfiguration is within relationship
    ->> as reconstitution of reality

    thus societal norms will flex, our human constructs become harmonized

    what was suggested as beyond (thus found ideally in isolation)/collective consciousness
    is known and demonstrated as present… and no longer -anything but now! AND amplified

    it is present now…
    & now

    & now (…when we move…. when we ___everything___)

    & now…..we see it! we feel it… it is not love?

    so it is to me…. xMic

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