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When it's so intense I can't take anymore,
And there is simply no way out,
I see my truth and must find a new source,
Of strength and love in my heart.


Well, we're wrapping up last month's Moon cycle beginning and carrying the energy of Capricorn that's for sure! No just think of it, Mercury/Pluto = deep, powerful, transforming thoughts and communication coupled with Venus/Saturn = reflecting on and wanting deeper love, meaning, value, and relationship. Pluto, Pisces, and the waning Moon have to do with endings and letting go. This all adds up to some tough choices around what/who to let go of and what/who to go deeper with.

The shift is coming with Mars (and soon Venus) moving in to Aries with the New Moon in Aquarius! You think things are moving/coming/happening too fast now you just better hold onto your hat! Bumper cars here we go! With Venus and Mars in Pisces there was at least more of a passive acceptance of the situation but there can be some real revolution and passionate raving going on the next couple of months.... the polarity of victim/perpetrator switches back and forth so try to stay centered. From there it can be a very exciting show!


7 thoughts on “January 25, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you, Kaypacha!!! The last two reports have spoken SIOOOOO DEEPLY to my conscience, my heart… You have been and remain a light through these times, every week . Blessings, and SOOO MUCH THANKS!

  2. Well I’m feeling and experiencing transformational change and boy it is intense. Here is my take on it in metaphor…

    This experience is like wading and swimming through really big surf interspersed with beautiful majestic waves.
    We are on that god awful sand bar bit, you know where you could just go back to the safety of the beach where most people are or push on, moving forward through those dumpers and the wash in to the safety of deeper water, a little out of your depth. It’s peaceful and fluid out there, you feel the rhythm of the sea, all undulating and then one of those beautiful waves picks you up. You feel amazing!

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