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Like a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon,
I have been transformed inside,
All parts of myself now aligned in Truth,
I have nothing left to hide.

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Whoa! Anything can happen! Anything that BRINGS YOU OUT that is! We've got both the Sun and Mars coming out of Cancer to be joined by the Moon this weekend. Could be quite some turbulence prior to "curtain time" tho (Sun square Uranus). The entire cosmos is conspiring to bring us all OUT, fully, wholly, truthfully, and completely. The more anyone has been hiding, lying, pretending, deluding themselves or others, the more challenging this will be.

For those sincerely on the quest of evolving no matter what, this can be a time where expectations are exceeded! That curtain can go up and the crowd roars for more..... of YOU, the real you, the true you, the AMAZING you.

This new Moon in Leo will set the stage for a wild month as we near the total solar eclipse on the 21st of August, the second new Moon in Leo often called a "Blue Moon." Kaypacha is getting together with NPA Dream Team on Saturday to discuss all this Leo energy.... you can register by clicking HERE


5 thoughts on “July 19, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. I would like to sign up to listen to the free webinar on Sat. 22nd at 12pm PDT but I didn’t see a link to register. Can you please register me or tell me how to? Thank you so much!

  2. Fabulous report…so powerful inspirational love your planetary models
    Happy Birthday lively luscious Leo
    You’re truly out to play creative gorgeous wonderful you xxx
    love you always Diana xx

  3. As always, this pele- report was “head on” to what is just going on in my life, and started about halloween last year !! Yet another Brilliant report !!
    I have MC in 28 degree leo, opposing my saturn and moon both in aquarius, so I understand this is a really important time for me, but I would love to hear if any astrologers out there have some comments.

  4. Magnificent report, thank you! When we release all that isn’t us (that we adopted and learned), we emerge from the limited and learned ego’s cocoon, fully “knowing” All that Is and All we truly are… Full magnificent Being! Namaste…

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