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It's time to change the system,
Come up with a whole new plan,
That starts with me being able to see,
Into the future of man.

Yup, we might all be feeling or witnessing the crushing power of a behemoth, patriarchal, outmoded system....... now and this weekend in particular. It may get your gander up! Thing is that we may all simmer for a couple more weeks until the Sun/Mars bursts out into Leo around the 23rd. But for now, it can be irritating, emotionally upsetting, and lead us toward comfort food, drink, sex, or other activities that when overdone can drain us too..... Time to just howl at the Moon all weekend perhaps?

However, rather than just saying "The hell with it" and going for a beer, a more useful response could be to become even more determined and focused upon developing that special gift each of us has, finding creative ways to market it successfully (perhaps new business partners?), and BEAT THE SYSTEM! AAAAHHHHH YESSSS! Go for it!


10 thoughts on “July 5, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. In deep gratitude to you, Kaypacha. Thank you for being there every week to cheer us on or help me feel a little less crazy. I understand you were recently in my neck of the woods (literally) and I know that together we are stewarding and protecting this beautiful world and Her creatures! I was bedridden often a few years ago from car accidents and health issues, you inspired me to trudge on through deep grief work and physical healing to walk again, and eventually without pain. I’m now in more full training as a massage therapist and aerial dancer. One day, I will save you a seat of honor at my performances that I intend to raise awareness (& $) to bring back the forests and green spaces of Oregon. We are in this together. 🌎
    So glad I got to meet you last year in Guatemala. I’m still at work on what you and Araminta showed me. Thank you, thank you.
    So much love,
    Karen aka Pixie

  2. Dear Kaypacha Lescher
    Thank Youuuu for this great Pele Report once again!
    I watch your Report from germany.
    Like to have you here next Year with your astrology…
    on some beautiful spots
    like in Cologne, Berlin, Munich,
    Austria.. Vienna, Graz….

    I do soundthearpie since 16 Years
    Lomi Lomi Massage Art and now
    I began with accessConsciousness 🙂
    All gret Tools.
    2005 I started to be guarded by vedic astology.
    I did a combination with Kundalini-Yoga & cosmic sound… in Meditatation.

    Let’s spread it all over the world… Aloha Namaste soooo much LOVE

    Doris Eckert
    4:20 Uhr Bonn-Bad Godesberg

    Klangtherapi nach Dr. med. Wolfgang Kölbl

  3. Thank you!! I now feel clear about what my vibes have been trying to tell me;) that pele report was the perfect message for me at this time.. Thank you for that💖

  4. Phenomenal! MUCH NEEDED! Great navigation tools! This week’s report was spot on, clear cut, boldly honest and everything I needed to hear on a soul level.
    Thanks K! Much much love

  5. Thank you so much Kaypacha!!!
    Im feeling all that you shared.
    I am looking for an Evolutionary Astrologist for a reading.
    I studied with Jeff Greene when he was coming to Laguna Beach back in the
    early 2000’s.
    Let me know if you have a good referral.
    Thanks for the Pele Reports- So Helpful
    Namaste~ Lanae

  6. Way to go bananas and lay it all out there!! Woo hoo!! Feeling the July Cancer nesting/enjoy summer & chill, while feeling that Lion coming down the pike, can’t see him quite yet, thank goodness 😉 . Thank you for articulating some of the earthly details about *what’s really going on in the world* for those that are still unaware. Cannot be said enough. Peace out !

  7. Blessings to you, & everyone
    You know, I’ve been so busy I just listened to this report and the next one too, and it’s all conformation! ! !
    I sooo love when that happens for me with you, and what you convey to us in your teachings.
    Thankyou so very much, I’m so grateful these reports are so special to me, because I live by the Spirit, and so in the so called worldly life it is all about money, but I’m not, and don’t have much of that but what’s more valuable is that wisdom, and by being giving I have so much more in life, and to understand one has to be there,
    I think, so
    I pray for all the heavenly Angels to guide and comfort those hearts into being giving so that they to may feel the amazing feelings and energies of an abundance that is truly a strength of all of us alike as one <3
    Love love love

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