Coming Home to Spirit:  Understanding Family Dynamics
WildQuest - Swimming with Dolphins in Bimini
Astrology for all ages (12 and up)
July 9th-15, 2017
Bimini, Bahamas

Finally, a “kid friendly” astrological retreat with Kaypacha!  Besides swimming with the dolphins every afternoon, both kids and adults can do some yoga every morning and learn about themselves through their astrological horoscopes with Kaypacha.  He will discuss the four elements and three modalities that equal the 12 basic zodiacal archetypes and how they get along with or challenge each other.  A quick look at the planets and houses of the chart will further enable us to see what’s happening.   We will then all look at whoever’s chart you want to bring along to see just what we have in common, what we don’t, and how we can both better understand and support each other!  Kaypacha has experience as a grade/high school teacher and has taught astrology to numerous age groups other than adults over many years.  Come and join the fun!

As part of the Wildquest (check out the website HERE) program we will arrive in Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday, July 9th and stay overnight.  Monday morning we will fly out to the island of Bimini in the Bahamas and swim with the dolphins that afternoon and all remaining afternoons (weather permitting) until returning to Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday.   This event is open to anybody and everybody interested in learning about themselves and their loved ones whether “in” their family or not: singles, couples, parents or just big kids, so feel free to contact us!

Tuesday through Friday we will have time in the morning for both yoga and astrology.  Kaypacha will tailor fit the program to best meet the needs of those who participate according to the age, sex, and interest.  No personal readings will be offered by Kaypacha at the workshop itself so his focus can go towards meeting the needs of everyone present.  The free evenings (perhaps around the fire or on the beach?!) may also contain some astro-insights as well!

Registration: Space limited to the first lucky 16 people!
To find out more and register for this workshop, please CLICK HERE



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