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When I get emotionally triggered,
I simply can't forget,
That the real work I'm here to do,
Is to own what I project.

Oh Yeah, how to "Do" and "Just Be" in balance? It can be tricky these days as we can feel overwhelmed with the "busyness" of life while inwardly divorced from some of these "necessities." The real pressure is coming more from the Soul level calling us more urgently to live our truth and Do what we love.

However, if we're not careful we can project these soul urges outside ourselves, not take responsibility for creating a life we truly love, and blame others for restricting our expression/destiny. No more! Own it baby! Stand up tall and go for it! This is a great time to own your truth, feel it, and love it.



8 thoughts on “June 14, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Oh wow really great Pete report this whole week is been nuts I’m wondering how everybody else’s feelings but definitely being triggered and projecting so you nailed it !
    Namaste ??

  2. O yeah!!! Nature, my peaceful beautiful balance for my monkey minded multiworktasking! Breathe, just breathe….allow expression and passion, quit that strugglin’ and simply allow creative expression the throne it deserves. I really feel this transit, thank you for putting what I’ve been feeling into context. Namaste

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