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I can be a bottomless pit,
Of longing and needing more,
Until I finally realize,
I'm filled with love to the core.

Yes indeed! It is the season for LOVE! With Venus in Taurus squaring the nodes and Mercury/Mars opposite Pluto, it is beautiful time to connect! The nature, length, tone, and result of the connecting may be quite different depending upon the approach. Hence the mantra. Equal giving and receiving lead to the best results! Injoy!


4 thoughts on “June 28, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Kaypacha thanks for climbing the mountain
    to bring us the holy covenant

    much love to you
    Diana xx

  2. I am new to this sort of thing. But very interested in the ideals and ideas of what you are saying. Is there somewhere i can start online to learn more about things from the begining when i come to s
    The stars aligning in accordance with my birthday and things such as this. Id like to understand more. So asking for more information from a begining stand point. Thank you so much and i really enjoyed the hike and the video for this week.

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