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I wish you were all here with me on tour this month!  As I know that is not possible I will try and record some of it and share it as I go along the way building as much community in person and online as I can!   I will also be trying to do some livestreaming but so far I have not been having much luck.  In Costa Rica at the convention the internet wasn't good enough and here in GV the lighting was terrible etc.  The other thing is that I hate to announce it before I know for sure and I usually don't know for sure until about 10 minutes before I start!

I will say now that I am talking to London about livestreaming that one in the hopes that first they have good internet over there and secondly, with enough advance planning I can pull it off.  No promises but do know that I'm trying to bring you as much astrology as possible.  And thank Goddess for the awesome Dream Team too!  I'm also looking at doing some facetime chats but they may also be last minute surprises when I find myself with some spare time online in some hotel or something.

I've noticed that only about 1/2 of you are members of the NPA private facebook group.  That is where I would do the live facetime, just so you know.  I only want to make it available to the community so will not be doing it on my personal page and don't know that I can on the NPA fan page.  So if you're on facebook, join that group and let's communicate and share!

I again apologize for the lighting in this video.  As you can see, it was just impossible to get both myself and the chart at the same time!  We tried everything!  Lights bright, dim, colored, projector dim etc.  Thing was the live audience had to see me too.  So anyway, I am attaching a .pdf of the main chart that I was discussing.  Later on in the talk I did go forward and backward in time and am not sure that everything was caught on the video.  All I can say is that I will keep trying and hopefully the quality and content will improve over time.  Until then, I hope you enjoy this video and learn some astrology along the way!

One thought on “Kaypacha’s Talk in Grass Valley, June 2017

  1. What a great talk Kaypacha, I will watch again – you talk about many many things of interest here. Along with the rest of the planet my 29degree Cancer Moon is in for a ride these next years!

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