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Both diamonds and a drop of water,
Are brilliant, bright, and clear,
And though diamonds may make me rich,
I need water more this year.


The song that comes to mind for me is pretty old.... "I'm gonna harden my heart, I'm gonna swallow my fear..... I'm gonna turn and leave you here!" Be careful! That is just what you can do these days! You can be hard as a diamond and cut through anything, including someone's heart. You can forsake relationship or have knee jerk reactions that you may regret farther down the road. You may not be seeing the advantages and benefits in your mad rush or hasty decision to grasp the straws of freedom! Sounds dramatic, but can be true!

So yeah, using the sword of the masculine in the right way can protect, heal, give insight, vision, future hope and more. It is perfect for making a nice cup of tea or chicken soup if you're not vegan..... It is a nice hot shower or jacuzzi, or hot blooded sexual desire leading to union and the beginning (perhaps of a pregnancy) of a passionate romance. Wild can be fun! So you can see the knife edge here. We can go far and experience the wild and free and we can go too far and hurt ourselves or others.... my wish for you is full consciousness! Injoy!

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9 thoughts on “March 22, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. My phone actually woke me up to this report, it just started playing! And it is exactly what I needed to hear…I feel asleep last night doing just that…hardening my heart and swallowing my fears about my relationship…praying to be released from emotional attachment and to stand in my own power and self love. I am grateful for your advice today and I know it is a message from Spirit by the way it woke me up. It is easier to harden my heart than to feel vulnerable and open to possibly being hurt…How to balance, as you said, fire and water, standing in my own power and still holding love for the other in my heart…more lessons, more growing up…Thank you for your wisdom, Kapacha. I am grateful for you <3

  2. I also want to say your eyes in this video are the most clear I have seen since I started watching your videos…a reflection of the reflective elements of diamonds and water. Magical!

  3. You are one of the most inspirational people I have ever listened too !!

    You make daily living on this earth a better experience through your teachings and guidance.

    Thank you so much for your gift each week and for the good you do for your community !!

    Warm regards

  4. Such an amazing interpretation of exactly what I’m walking . Your message illustrates well but doesn’t instruct and I like that. I am just not sure if I am choosing water or diamonds or they are both choosing me! It is just a wild ride lately I walk in gratitude and I sure do enjoy your insights !

  5. Thank you for sharing nature’s beauty! The most recent and best quote I heard lately, “When you learn to master uncertainty, is when you become wise.” Cesar Millan (Dog whisperer)… Thank you for focusing on integration, it’s been a long time coming! Too many focus on one element discounting the other, and yet the other has to be a part of the focus, otherwise the first wouldn’t exist (etc.)! The yin and yang of things involves and requires “balance”… Thanks again! Namaste…

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