As I see the deeper meaning,
Of what happens in my life,
I let go of blame for all the pain,
As my growth is worth the price.

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Easy to get swept away on the waves and winds of change these days and either avoid or distract ourselves from the feelings associated with making them. Well, this upcoming square Moon (Cancer) this Friday may give you that opportunity. In and under these feelings (fear, loneliness, grief........) are teachings and meanings that our soul is seeking to learn.

While the majority of society may be distracting themselves with entertainment, it is the role of some to deepen, process, teach, and model the richness of a life lived with purposeful intention and powerful co-creation. If you have watched and read this far I am afraid you are "one of those" haha! Injoy!


16 thoughts on “March 25, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. I really DO love you :). Starting every Wednesday with your report. You simply put into the words what`s in my Heart. Thank you for doing this. <3

  2. I only recently learned about the pele report. I like very much the depth of the meaning, the wisdom and the humor and warmth with which it is presented. Thank you so much! In these rough times it is a great gift.

  3. What can I say??? Spot on!
    Love the love, gentleness and humour the interpretations are given with.

    • Zimone Tang Rasmussen.
      Kan du fortælle mig, hvordan jeg kan komme i kontakt med dig, da jeg har brug for dig, min far er lige død, og du kender vores familie rigtig godt både mig, min søster og forældre ☺

  4. So much love received from you and returned to you! My soul has felt contentment like never before, since finding you, Tom Lescher, Kaypacha. Tears of joy to connect to others of like mind, soul and heart! Especially,the heart! ❤ The resonance is Earthy in every Pele report that you so graciously provide. Much gratitude and blessings to you. Peace and love to all.

  5. Awesome like always, Kaypacha, your words touch me and teach me more and more as time goes on. Thank you for sharing with everyone your years of wisdom. I’ve been enjoying checking out some other videos you’ve done and having a blast on the new site! Thank you for helping me grow. Namaste, Peace, Love.

  6. Kaypacha’s Pele reports carry insights that I need to have a bit more peace with the serious challenges of life that are happening right now. It feels like a culmination of events is coming to its closure. The connection between the stars and what the soul needs is a positive angle to transform everyday life from a struggle into a more happy journey. Thank You Kaypacha…

  7. I really appreciate the truth that resonates and brings back some exhaling and sighs of relief! I’m not the only one going through this….thank goodness.
    It’s been crazy and totally on a growth roller coaster. Thank you for helping fill my need for mutuality and belonging. And compassionate wisdom. Hugs

  8. Omg Tom. Just wanted to hug you after the wave bit. haha Best laugh 😀

    I’m removing the final onion layers of crap from my life, and getting started on the new path…which continues to amaze me because 3 years ago I never would have imagined this was possible, and wouldn’t have tried to pursue it. But…this is what my heart wants!! I know that now. Had to lose nearly everything to get here, but honestly I see the huge blessing in all I have lost.

    Time to teach! with love and compassion.

  9. I use The Pele Report as a constant compass for Kartron’s work. He uses it as a template, enhancing the energies with interdimensional qualities to assist humanity. Thank you Tom for being a Bright Light in an Awakening World,

  10. I now listen to the Pele Report on a regular basis, because Kapacha teaches me about the astrological forces that are at play and how they impact my life. He takes this information and shows me specifically how it translates into my experience in the present. I find it very helpful to understand these forces, so that I can live consciously and be aware of the complex contex in which I am embedded. Life is growth and change,and the more I can make informed choices the better I can live my life.

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