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In order to move forward,
I need to take a step back,
And clean up all my karma,
So I can get on track.

Yeah baby! Venus retrograde, Jupiter retrograde, Saturn going next week, then Mercury and Pluto.... whew! Let's look in that rear view mirror once in awhile just to see what we are leaving behind! Is it a mess? See anybody shaking their fists? Wounded? Let down? Crushed? Abandoned? Retrogrades offer us time to reflect, remember, release, and repair, and when it's Venus, we have some heart repair to do (ours and others).

Make no mistake, these are some of the most intense days/weeks we've had in a long time! Pluto is evolution THROUGH intensity and Jupiter square it most of the year, but exact Thursday, brings MORE! Worse than that is them being in Cap/Libra which can give all of us the illusion that we are at the mercy of others, that others have the power, and that others are to blame. In some cases, you may just be right! Let's not forget that VERY often the projection and the reality mirror each other quite well. So it takes a lot of reflection to see just who's shit is stinking up the room eh? Trying to make light of what can be extremely nasty people doing nasty things. If you are dealing with some nasty people, best to let them be or bring calm form/truth to the table.... May you feast forever! Injoy


5 thoughts on “March 29, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. I found myself doing some part-life healing work on the 12th March – working through past life issues related to abundance, finance and relationships. This Pele report makes so much sense — with Venus retrograde and conjunct Chiron. (My own Chiron is at 14 degrees in Pisces). Powerful time. Happy to have really gone in and started clearing out the basement. Great thanks, Kaypacha, as always!

  2. Kaypacha! Thank you for your overflowing joy! I am blown away by the karmic truths that you speak! It is a rare and special wisdom 🙂 Thank you for reminding me that I create those “Judgements seemingly coming from out there” and that it’s a special time and always time to purify and hold space for noble reactions of body speech and mind 🙂

  3. Dear Kaypacha. Your passionate invocation of water last week came through the screen a little too powerfully for the East Coast of Australia. We have now had enough water in several days to flood about 900 miles along the coast and hinterland! Love anyway from water logged Murwillumbah. Your visit here in 2015 must have made quite a connection.

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