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There's an empty void at every end,
A chasm before the new can begin,
Where I am helpless and lose all control,
But am closer than ever to my unconscious Soul.


03.09.2016Let's keep in mind that as we embark on a spiritual journey toward Oneness that we become ever more "at one" with the collective consciousness and personally feel what is going on there. WE are ending 6500 years of patriarchy! We are ending 2000 years of Pisces! We are ending so many patterns, habits, identities, relationships, and attachments that we can feel like a boat without a paddle in the middle of the sea. AND.........

A new age is dawning! A new day is beginning, a new life is emerging..... not here yet, wait, sit, look, listen and will feel the stirrings deep down within the belly of the Mother, your own belly. It is the stirring of Love. A new understanding, a new embracing, a deepening. Let's not miss it with too much noise and chatter. My favorite mantra is "Shhhhhhhh" just be quiet, just BE, that is the Astrology of the NOW, of the time just before the Equinox as we enter the void. No need to be scared, depressed, lonely, lost, down and out or escape, hide, shrink, or freak.... just feel the mystery and BE in awe. Namaste'


29 thoughts on “March 9, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. I’ve loved the Pele report for a while now, but PLEASE stop making announcements in it …. It ruins the focus of the report for me.

    • This is a great report. Thank you once again. I have been watching these reports for some time now and have found them to be very helpful in understanding what is happening inside of me and around me. I like to hear your announcements. Blessings.

    • Kaypacha,

      PLEASE continue to make any announcements you want in your report. I believe you have worked hard for many years to earn the audience you have. You provide a free service to your audience through the Pele Report. The least we can do, as your captive audience, is respect and appreciate this as YOUR space in which we are guests. I think it is admirable that you try to direct your audience to different ways they (and you!) can continue to benefit. Keep up the great work; I enjoy hearing about what’s going on in the New Paradigm Community.


  2. Kaypacha love your reports, always confirming the more subtle feelings and sensing in my world. Namaste’

    Re the announcements. Could you do them at the end, so those who are needing the Astrology can just stop as you begin your extensions.
    My understanding of memory is we remember better that at the beginning and end of interactions.

    All my gratitude for all you and your team dream into Being~~~~~~

  3. Always amazed how i feel a certain shift, and then BAM! I listen to your report, and you put it all into words! no coincedences… Not only do I understand fully, but i am experiencing it through my own “void ” at his time. the power of just “being”!! I am sitting through the void, allowing my spirit to guide me. Thank you for the reassurance 🙂

  4. BRO….more & more amazed by the QUALITY of information you weekly delivering.
    THAT’s the stuff we NEEDA hear; that’s food for the soul…..PLEASE keep on….
    It’s becoming an HEALTHY habit to listen 2 u
    RIDE ON, my friend….

  5. Thank you for your dedication and for spending the time to do these reports every week. I gain so much insight and perspective from them. Namaste, aloha, so much love!

  6. Absolutely wonderful!
    Thank you so so much for sharing the knowledge, understanding and love.
    I’ve been watching your reports for a couple of years now and they always resonate with me.
    Am learning to be in the void, just for today!!!

    Thank you once again.
    Infinite blessings x

  7. Hi Kaypacha, thank you for your beautiful leonine Pele Report. I completely resonate with your vision and love your words. Being a passionate Leo myself, with a lot of Cancer and Libra, I really love your work and I’d love to be able to meet you in person someday, when I’ll have the money…
    I am Nicoletta, I am an astrologer and flower therapy counselor (ress) since long time I am a NPA member since sometime, I’d love to be the official italian translator (ress) of your report. I have already done some translations, posted on my facebook page, because I think my italian friends who are not familiar with english language deserve your words, too,
    Thank you and a large hug to you all!!!

  8. Thank you KAPACHA! I loved the car wash metaphor – it matched my day of lethargy, all I could muster was the study of herbs and listening to the Four Quartets,… and a little conspiracy study… the eclipse was/ is twanging my Mars…opposite my moon – blah blah blah

  9. i so love “signing up” by hitting the play button. Wow…hanging out in the void, letting the soul come forth (as a person with everything in Pisces), explains a lot and helps me stay put for a little while. Good luck in growing the community!

  10. i entered my chaos and lost control today and i didnt know what to do.i was so scared i was still scared after, unsure uncertain, lonely, wonderous though, until now this video connected with me so much i was in tears as a pisces now this is what i needed to hear. Kaypacha you honestly touched areas in my life directly today everything ive been seeing and feeling you put together and interpreted it for me to underdstand . thankyou namaste i must be true to my self and honour that void thankyou again

  11. Hey Kaypacha, Just wanted to say that the announcements are perfectly fine and you manage to flow from them quite nicely done, into the pele report. I also like the astrology bit, although I do not always understand it and get pickled if there’s a lot going on, it’s still part of the whole experience. Be true to yourself and no need to worry about it being wrong or right. Just do it. Yeah Baby!

  12. Also, this week for me has been about approaching and feeling and healing my core wound; chiron, mercury, and mars in pisces in first house, with venus in aries in first house and south node too!!! This report has given me a light on perspective from which to surrender to the process and to know that all is as it needs to be and all I need to do is hold the tension while I hang out in the void. Thanks for that, you are the best x

  13. Kaypacha, what a divine inspiriation you have been to me for the past 2 years. I have been sheading yet another skin, i didn’t think I had any left to shead, but i guess it’s an ongoing process that will never stop, thank the gods. I’m still here. Blessings to you my dear beloved friend, your casual intuitiveness has brought me such grace. I love your weekly reports, they always lift me up and help me understand “what the hell is going on”…… Namaste’, Aloha and So Much Love. Trisha

  14. Your weekly reports means sanity to me. No truely they do….. I was introduced to you a couple of years ago and am I ever greatful for that. Your spot on, your funny, your cute and you help me make sense out of all this extreme reorganization of EVERYTHING at this present time. Blessing to you my dear Kaypacha. Namaste’, Aloha, and SO Much LOVE…. Trisha

  15. Wow. I mean wow. You nailed it man!!! That is so right on with what I’m experiencing right now it’s unbelievable. Keep spreading the love!

  16. Thank you so much, woke up in an emotional storm and though…i need my pale report to understand whats going on! You where as always right on…hanging out on the void here!

  17. Thanx for the confirmation, every time ;-0
    Weird thing is, i’m mostly a few days ahead of the predictions in the report, concerning the state i’m in, or the things i’m experiencing.
    Keep up the good work !!

  18. Maybe because i’m a Pisces myself 🙂
    ( besides a Fire-Horse in Chinese, a Wolf in native Indian and Osiris in Egyptian )
    Some clairvoyance here, I guess haha.

    Waiting anxious for the next Pele Report…..

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