Marci Winters

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As an intuitive astrologer and visionary, Marci enjoys serving clients from all over the globe. Additionally, Marci's path as filmmaker, (PBS SWEETWATER)  allows her to express, through her art, a meaningful message of bringing more peace to our precious planet. 

Currently, in preproduction on the film, SMILEMAKER - the true life story of Layla Sheikh, who as a teen escaped from the war in Mogadishu, alone in the jungle, finding freedom at the Kenyan border -- Marci is therefore available on only a limited basis.

She offers a nurturing, detailed approach with practical and precise guidance- focusing on finding and supporting one's life purpose - soul's destiny.  Astrocartography (location astrology)- determining best locations for business and personal- all inquiries welcome. Much thanks for visiting  -


2 thoughts on “Marci Winters

  1. Marci! Hey its shannon potts. I dont have a email address I really just wanted to say hi. I have been thinking of you and went onto this site to check out an extensive report and there you were!!!!! Would love to hear about you, I will put a friends email address down and check on it for a few weeks and see if you say hi back. OK Im going to go back and see what you have to share. HUGS,

    • shannon! why did i JUST find this!!! HUGS!! <3 LOVE!! i miss you!!! are you on facebook? i thought we were "friends" let's get together and yoga…! are you coming to costa rica in may! how wonderful to find you here!! xoxoxoxoxooxox

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