My ego is the sword in the blacksmith's fire,
Being heated and hammered by Spirit's desire.
As soon as I fathom where my truth lies,
Like the phoenix from the ashes I know I shall rise.

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Well, I didn't even get to the Sabian Symbol for the 3/4 Moon in Aquarius this week: "A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life." This symbol represents the human capacity to learn and grow through emotional crisis, AND, as Dane Rudhyar states: "But like any other faculty it needs development." Yikes! I know it doesn't sound too appealing, but coupled with ol' Saturn in Sag (for like the next 3 years!) we're in for a time of truth telling and finding that will put humanity on a solid foundation to really build a New Paradigm.

We can also look forward to the shift that will be coming next week as Venus in Cancer and Mars in Gemini signify both a softening up and a speeding up of what might seem now as drudging through the mud haha! From Kings and Queens to pawns we're on this planet together.... woo hoo!


8 thoughts on “May 5, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you for your encouragement…Your profound statements and light hearted manner guide and cheer
    us…also, the mantra…superb…from Rosie…

  2. Thank you, your profound statements and light hearted manner cheer and encourage us, also, the mantra-superb…

  3. Love the report! One side note I have regarding the goddess pele is that it is pronounced p-e-l-e. Feel like you are doing the classic error and pronouncing it peile. bless

  4. Wow, I have so been expeiencing all of that this passed week. What resonates for me is like the chess game; life involves choices. What we tend to do though is make the same choices either because they are familiar or because we never concidered or thought there were any other choices to make. Just so we win; right? Isn’t it? But for me all these planetary aspects have enabled me to choose differently; beyond everything I have ever done. Being able to percive the ‘right now, reality’ differently and chose to respond differently by implementing a tranformed conversation and behaviours. Challenging? – yes. Worh it? – Most definately.
    It also explains the helping planetary vibes that have been encouraging me on my explorations. So cool. Thanks again. J

  5. Kaypacha, the Pele Report is probably the best thing on the Internet – it’s definitely one of the best things that’s for sure. Thank you for your committment to doing this report every week. So much guidance, inspiration and fun – gracias!

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