Want more than just the weekly Pele Report?Would you like to learn more astrology and yoga with Kaypacha?

Now you can join with hundreds of others worldwide and share astrology, experience, and information through the  New Paradigm Community.  For $15/month you get all the following:

  • In-depth Videos2 more in depth videos by Kaypacha that include more astrology and a look at the larger planetary cycles/patterns than the weekly Pele Report.
  • Q&A Sessions:  An hour and a half live Q & A session with Kaypacha once a month.
  • Experts Section: A guest speaker’s contribution once a month.
  • Webinar Series: A two hour astrological instruction prerecorded webinar by Kaypacha (Astrology 101 and 201 so far with more to come!) plus corresponding ebook chapter.
  • Community Forum: A New Paradigm Astrology Forum where we can all get together and chat astrology into the wee hours of the night 24/7.
  • ExtrasWe are also offering other new items like the Pele Report written, the Pele Report in Spanish, some workshop videos, a free astrological printout etc. We will be adding new perks along the way!
  • Archives: As a new member you will find all the info since the beginning of our adventure archived within the site. All prior videos, Q&A sessions, expert material and more remains in the community for your learning experience.
    CLICK HERE for a partial list of Archived Videos available in the community

Join the New Paradigm Community Now!

We are building a New Paradigm! The more we can gather together, share ideas, dreams, concepts, and teachings, the more strength and power we will generate to accomplish this great task. Personally, I am moved to share more of the astrology of our times than the short weekly Pele Report.  In addition, I am using New Paradigm Astrology to host a community chat room/forum where ideas can be shared. I am inviting other friends from other disciplines (yoga, meditation, channeling etc.) whose work I appreciate to share their wisdom with us and grow together.  I have also been getting asked to answer more questions than I can manage through email. To remedy this situation and implement other ideas I would like to introduce THE NEW PARADIGM COMMUNITY!

Here’s how it works!

1. Click Subscribe below to be taken to the payment screen to set up your monthly subscription.
2. As soon as the subscription is setup, you’ll immediately receive an email that says ‘confirm your subscription’.
3. Once you’ve confirmed, you’ll receive an email with Kaypacha’s picture that gives all the details of how to access the community vids, Q&A sessions, expert info and more.
4. Click the link to go to the community. If it’s your first time entering the community, you WILL have to register as a new user. This is a separate process from the payment. Signup and you’ll be approved by an administrator as soon as we see it come through.
5. PLEASE bookmark the community site URL for future reference.
6. PLEASE NOTE that this is a monthly subscription setup through paypal. You are free to cancel or suspend your payment at any time by logging into Paypal and clicking your desired option. 

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