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With every choice I make,
My Spirit and Soul are there,
Ultimately I am deciding,
To evolve or stay right here.


Decide who you want to be and then be that. That really is all there is to be said and these are the perfect aspects for that decision to be made NOW! Regardless of what happens, what others say, etc. when you are coming from your core that is the truth of the matter and the universe will step up to support you in that. And if that involves clearing up some old karma then so be it..... just do it and move on. In most cases from my experience, it has more to do with self forgiveness of the past and getting up the guts to put yourself out there again haha!

New Moon in Sag next week will coincide with a new phase of Venus/Pluto and new phase of Mercury/Saturn, and with Mars in Aquarius it signals a great opportunity to expand having broken free from the bonds of the past and ready to charge into a new future. Have a good time (and don't worry too much about the "world situation," it always has been and will continue to be lol!)

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7 thoughts on “November 23, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thanks Kaypacha; stunning waterfall. The significant Venus Pluto conjunction reminds me of a slogan on one one of my T-shirts: Radiate Love. . .that sums it up for me! It will be interesting to see the effects of the upcoming mercury retrograde in Capricorn. It goes retro at the same degree point as the Venus/Pluto conjunction. Namaste, so much love

  2. I love the way you conceive / conceptualize the world. I have been wondering why for the past year and half, I have been in a place of just receiving — love, nourishment, getting needs met. It’s felt selfish but I’ve needed to do this…because I’m a seed!!! I am blossoming slowly. It may be a while before I can truly offer my gifts, being so young. But I love the metaphor!!

    Also, I feel relieved hearing about the Uranus trine Saturn (and my Uranus) for next yearrrrr….. Saturn-Neptune was heart/soul wrenching (and during my Saturn Return!); I’m sure it’s been a hard year for many. I watch your reports weekly, and they feel like a container that holds me and a lot of what is going on in the world. Thank you. Love from the Bay Area!!


  3. Thank you for sharing all that is sacred both natural and manmade! Happy Thanksgiving! May you and your neighbor’s homes be protected from Hurricane Otto’s destruction! We are given numerous theorems throughout our lives to try and explain “knowns and unknowns”, to provide wisdoms that have supposedly worked prior to our existence, to push us in the direction that others want us to go (hoping we do better than they did, or so they can feel comfortable at our expense), and so forth~! Then there are those that try all those theorems, only to realize that “everyone has a theory and no one has a clue”, for which an inward journey begins… To say we are ever “separate from Source”, is mind-blowing… If Source created us from It’s-Self, then we are “never” separate, except when we have a delusional manmade limited ego moment, choosing to “believe” we are~! Death can be an ending or transformation, depending how you choose to perceive it… The phoenix flames, becoming ash, then resurrects once again… We all evolve and transform throughout our lives… May gratitude and thanks for everything, permeate in all areas of our lives! Thank you and Namaste…

  4. Thanks, Kaypacha ! I highly appreaciate the way you have compared the human life stages of evolution with Medicine Weel directions( which are, of course, each of them, evolution stages too- I have studied them already for few years, so they are very familiar to me)!
    Thank you for your work ! It helps me a lot , therefore it is a pleasure for me to share weekly your Pele report with my friends in România!

  5. Thank you, Kapacha as I always I feel “So Much Love” when I watch your weekly reports. The waterfall was an amazing symbol. I love following you around to all these sacred places. I was at Kripalu in MA for a weekend of Kundalini yoga with Ajeet Kaur. She sweet presence with a wonderfully meditative singing voice. One of my roomates and I were talking at lunch and we learned we both knew you. She met you in Costa Rica at the fest a year or so ago and I of course at the Gaia retreat with you in France. Small world experiences are becoming more common. We agreed you are “So Much Fun”!

  6. I am very new to the Pele reports, and I am so grateful for them. It’s definitely bringing another dimension to my reality. So much love! I want to sign up for the workshop in Costa Rica in May 2017.

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