November 25, 2014 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

Healing myself and healing the world,
Is not about being right
but about stopping the endless mind games,
That block and distort the light.

11.25.2014.First Quarter Moon


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Welcome Lilith into Virgo and Mercury into Sag this week! Never mind that they are square to each other and creating a T-square with Neptune in Pisces. The upside is that now is a good time to see what's missing or needed and heal our wounds. The downside is that we may be tempted to tell everyone else what we think they are missing and how they need to heal their wounds haha! If we find compassionate ways to share and teach we can all grow together in love instead of tearing each other apart with criticism. Opt for the former and Injoy! Salam ala kum!


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