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The more I evolve the more I see,
It's not just about moving on,
But saying and doing all I can,
To know that the learning is done.


11-03-2016Yup! With the 1st quarter Moon in Aquarius squaring Sun/Lilith/Mercury in Scorpio, and Mars moving there soon, this is sure a time to let go of the old and move toward a new future! Of course, there can be many different motivations for this as Scorpio also deals with death, loss, and conflict. Hence the need to look beneath the events to the deeper layers of meaning before exiting a situation. Is the motivation for moving on fear, anger, revenge, or escape? Or positively toward a new relationship, goal, job, vision? Oftentimes it is a combination and the ego can play games justifying our actions and hiding our soul intentions/challenges.

So there is tremendous learning happening through all these changes that is of a soul nature and not "just" about the events or outer appearances going on. Great advances and spectacular enlightening awareness can open up possibilities and potential pathways. These may be sudden and require taking some steps into the unfamiliar. Clarity as to the purpose and spirit intention can really help give us the "umph" to do it! May breakthroughs abound for you!


11 thoughts on “November 3, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Wow! Just what a validation of what I have been feeling. An answer to when it’s ok to say “enough, I’m donr” and move on! Thank you… to you and yours…

  2. That was a perfect metaphor for a personal career decision that I made yesterday but also for the election-USA. Are we going to ruled by fear and vote the meme inflicted upon us or will we vote for the people and issues that resonate with our values? clarity of vision

  3. Just the motivation and umph I needed to keep my head high and focus clear (as can be). I’m getting a re-hash encounter with mold, been a year long encounter/learning. Up till 4am last night. Things are looking up in life, and it’s time to give it my all, not get faded or discouraged by fear or doubt. The end of an era is near. Thanks for being here for us, better late than never! And Dreamland looks like a must see place!! Wow

    Forestville, CA

  4. omg ! bang on again lol and the fact that i am moving back home to Ireland after “givin her all i got captin” in the united states is a huge comforting sign thank you for all your wisdom again :)))

  5. This is exactly how my husband and I have been feeling in our current location. Were both Scorpios, and we’ve been given the chance to relocate 2,000 miles away and there’s nothing stopping us! We are leaving our bosses hanging just like they have us by having strung us along about a raise only to have some bs excuse! SO LONG, ITS DONE. TIME TO MOVE ON! Enough is enough 🙂 this was so spot on!

    soooo much LOVE to you kaypacha, you are SUCH an inspiration, I love watching your videos! XOOOO

  6. Right on every time it’s funny cause I will feel these super huge energies happening around me and then I get on to see what u have to say and you nail it every time!! Bringing so much clarity and reassurance to the surface so thank you I love you brother thank you

  7. Gratitude for the Wisdom bestowed to you Dear Kaypacha.
    In Awe yet again & Welcoming the many Gifts Life has to Teach us along the Way. Love your Weekly Mantra’s ~ So Much Love ? & Well Wishes from Forster NSW Australia ?

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