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Whenever I feel separate,
I need to turn myself on,
Like a light switch to allow
The current to flow,
Through me from the Divine.


No small order sometimes! Like this week with Saturn square the nodes saying STOP! doubt it, prove it, test it, don't fool yourself, on and on and on..... OMG. With south node Neptune still going on in Pisces, we can all wanna just check out (stare at the clouds like I was in the report haha!) and drift away in our own silent rebellion (Uranus in Aries).

But no, in this Act XVVII of the play, it's apparently time to grow up and stand strong in our own truth and stay open as a conduit of love energy, oh yeah! And with the other aspects happening, join with other like minded souls, show some strength in unity and numbers, and tip the scales, start the domino effect, and rock out this planet with "alternative news," like about how great it is to be alive perhaps? How amazing the people, trees, plants, crystals, sounds, and feelings are? What beautiful new creations are emerging out of people's hearts and minds on a minute by minute basis? Yeah baby! Go!

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16 thoughts on “October 5, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Ah yes, thank you.
    And what’s that symbol you have round your neck in the Pele Report?
    It’s the same symbol that the Tribe of Doris use in the England- I think-

  2. MYpacha you’re never ” just rambling g”… It’s usually when you say that a real richness, meta and macro are comin through… THANK YOU!

  3. I’m in bed today. Just can’t be bothered with… anything. Yesterday, worked so hard…. to just get through…. ordinary tasks. But today… pffftttt! Nothing. Hard year all round. I’m over life right now. Plod on, but….. blah of my path. So spot on, this report.

    • I hear you! I’ve learned when life feels done, it’s in the sometimes arduous process of a new beginning… The hard part, releasing the old that I once identified with and thought would help me navigate life, then opening, welcoming the unknown new that I have no idea what it will; look like, feel like, or what I, or my life will become as a result, knowing to the depth of my full being, my inner guidance (which we all have!) will be there to truly help me… It seems trying times are a chance to make a change, granting us time to make a choice and in that choice, it can and will determine the future… Choose wisely with faith, knowing grace and love is with you always, and the best choice is the one that honors all (that may mean, not playing with those who don’t play fair anymore, and instead ask for guidance to invite those who will honor you (and as a result themselves!) into you life! Then Leave the others to the fate ahead of them that will come as a result of their selfishness! In truth they don’t deserve anymore of your; attention, energy, thoughts or time… Let go of what has been done, consider it a teachable moment of what doesn’t work, opening yourself to the inner wisdom of what will… Then ask that future teachable moments be brought with; gentleness, full knowing and wisdom bringing results that are best for all involved. Huge hug… May your life be blessed in ways you never thought was possible… Know fully, you are loved! Blessings and Namaste…

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