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January 2, 2013 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

“I will not withold my fears,
I will not withold my tears,
I will continue to expose, 
So all may see and know, 
That the battle is over and done, 
When we all surrender and unite as one.”

Oops! I totally forgot to say that this week’s Mars square Saturn harkens back to seeds sown in mid-August when they were conjunct in late Libra. Commitments made or modified at that time will now be manifesting real, tangible changes that need follow up to mature.. Injoy the process…. aloha…. Kaypacha

Astrology Forecast for January 2013

“Wheels in the Sky Keep on Turning” 

Astrology Forecast for January 2013Now that we’ve all made it through the end of the world, we can turn our eyes more to the immediate situation of creating a new one!  Looking at the situation from the “outside,” we could say that nothing has really changed.  However, it bears repeating that collectively we are moving toward a rebalancing of the masculine/feminine or “outer/inner” polarity.  The measuring stick of success for the last 6500 years of male-dominated patriarchal conditioning has been “outer,” or “material.”  The more property, money, business, or muscle (in some societies) you managed to acquire, the more successful your life could be deemed.  For many millions/billions of people existing within the consensus reality this is, and will continue to be, the case.

For individuals expanding their conscious awareness beyond 3rd dimensional reality into non-physical realms of existence this has not been, and will never be, the case.  As we forge ahead into the frontiers of heightened awareness, creativity, and balance, we come into a greater appreciation and understanding of the more subtle, inner, feelings that do a dance with our outer physical reality and contribute equally, if not more, to a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and joy in life.  The potential for a greater recognition and integration of these two polarities also recognized as heart/mind or soul/ego has been, and will continue to be, at the forefront of human evolution through the years ahead. 

December 21, 2012 did not bring massive, visible, external (masculine) changes.  However, the potential for a radical rebirth of a new, internal, identity as “more than human,” or better, a new definition of what it means to be human was, and remains, possible.  From this perspective, we can view the year of 2013, and specifically the month of January, as a time of inwardly maturing and expanding our capacity to love, nurture, and have compassion for ourselves and all life.  We have seen the futility in waiting/hoping for some outside force to change our lives and are now freed to take up the task more fully ourselves.  The change begins inwardly and Read more →

December 27, 2012 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

“With bold determination I rise to the occasion. 
My strength lies in knowing,
That within my heart is growing,
A deeper understanding,
Of what it means to love.”

Welcome to the last Pele Report of 2012! We have the full Moon coming at 7 degrees Cancer/Capricorn tomorrow, Friday. The end of the this year, like the end of an old paradigm, brings with it a time of deep contemplation. What worked, what didn’t, and why? The future is born out of the past with a dash of what we add in the moment. May each moment and every decision bring you closer to knowing Love.

December 19, 2012 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

“The future is pulling me to the unknown,
Away from the comfort and safety of home,
As mama gives birth she pushes thru pain,
Her strength lies in knowing love reigns in the end.”
These are the final days so to speak when the intensity is pushing so much up to the surface to be seen, felt, and moved through….. I encourage you to move through it with all your might! We are at the birth! Don’t forget the absolute rush of joyous exhilaration after that baby is born!…. Push it out!!!!! Aloha…. Kaypacha

What Does Kaypacha Mean?

animal representation of Kaypacha is cougarI’ve gotten a few inquires as to this new name, Kaypacha, so I’ll put it out there that I received it from Mother Giamvati down at Matri Sadan in Brazil. It came through her in the middle of an ayahuasca sacred ceremony, and I feel it is part of a re-birth experience that I went through. She told me that it meant “master of the world of the senses.” It later came to light through my chart reading that I had much worldly power in previous lives and “caved in” a bit to the sensuous pleasures so I have come back again to master them! No small task ha ha! Below is a a bit more about it… It is Inca in origin and a calling for me to master a greater part of myself/life this incarnation. Aloha!

Kaypacha: (n) (1) This world. (2) The current age; present era. (3) The world of material consciousness. (4) The middle world, filled with both heavy and refined living energies, typically symbolized by the puma; this physical world.  Our world is a manifestation of another reality that exists in the Cosmos. This is the place where we remember who we are. (See, taripay pacha.) The Kaypacha is interconnected with the different worlds of vibration and energy. We are here to experience, not to judge. This is the world of the puma. Different realities exist within this middle world of experience. In the highlands of Ecuador, the Kaypacha and Ukhupacha are regarded as mirror images.

In Inca mythology Kay Pacha is defined as the underworld where humans were developing in their lives.

The world consists of four planes appeared, Hakaq Pacha (the world beyond), Hanan Pacha (the upper world), Kay Pacha (the world here) and Uku Pacha or the lower world of the dead and also the unborn.

In language Quechua , pacha means both, time and space.

Animal Representation Kay Pacha was represented by a cougar.


Kay pacha, is the present time, it generates the immediate past and the immediate future

December 12, 2012 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

“It’s now very important for me to know,
If I’m choosing from my ego or choosing from my soul,
For the seeds I now sow with heartfelt intention,
Will grow and blossom beyond all expectation!”

It’s 12-12-12! New moon coming around midnight PST too! As we empty ourselves of old outworn limiting beliefs it may seem like all hell is breaking loose! We are each facing the guardian on the threshold in our own unique way (look to see where 8 degrees of Sagittarius falls in your chart for more info). So many deep changes from soul partnering marriages to difficult separations. A good time to aim your intentions like the arrow in Archer’s bow and prepare to let it fly! In-joy….. Kaypacha

Forecast for 12/12/12 and New Moon BY: Jessica Vikara Bourque

somethingwonderfulOn 12/12/12, Jupiter is exactly conjunct with Lilith in Gemini, reminding us once again to expand and explore into our ideas and beliefs about the “Truth” of life.  Play around with questioning yourself and others.  When you step into Life, what is the perspective you offer to it?  Do you integrate yourself into the space around you carrying an attitude of “life is: good, fun, exciting, hard, scary, limited, or abundant”?  Life absolutely contains all these possibilities of existence, and we can hold each attitude for as long, for as determined, for as believing as we so choose.  The responsibility to choose and create our experience is in our hands more than ever now at this point in time.  The message on hand is to be willing to playfully explore into the vastness of the potential ways in which to experience life.  Clearly the most rewarding perspective is one of Love - Love life and Life will love you back.

Venus joins up with the North Node in Scorpio today, further instigating discovery into the question: what do you want to manifest in this physical world? Venus is the physical, the senses, money, possessions, relationships, enjoyment, beauty and pleasure. What in the world do you want to experience?  What are you attracted to?  More importantly, in Scorpio, the question is: does it feed your soul?  Are you experiencing your Heart’s Desire?  The North Node is the symbol of our future destiny and today there is the influence upon us to envision the manifestation of the future world you want to see, the world you want to be in, and the world you want to create for yourself.  Goddess Venus shows us that the World is an intensely beautiful Read more →

December 6th, 2012 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

“I have reasons, judgements and doubts,
For my stepping in and my stepping out.
But the more conscious I am the more I see,
That there are laws governing life that transcend what I believe.”

So much to say in one little report! Didn’t even get to that the Moon is on the wane now going through Libra and Scorpio this weekend. The focus remains on relationships with the idea that it is “karma clearing time!” It’s not just letting go or holding on…. It’s how you do it that makes or breaks it….. aloha….. Kaypacha

Astrological Perspective for 12/12/12 by Jessica Bourque

An Astrological Perspective for This Time, 12/12/12, and the end of this Lunar Cycle By: Jessica Bourque

There is a prayer being whispered, called out, sang, and cried to the Spirit of Life; a genuine heart song created by the purity of Love and inspiration to be alive, born out of the anguish of all that separates us from our true selves.

We have been in the most extreme of confrontations with the ego constructions, behaviors, and attitudes that have been eating away at our hearts for far too long now. For some to a lesser degree, while for many others this time has been a crucifying rite of passage into the core essence of Surrender. To let go so that change can happen. We are always in movement, and we must remember to not resist the ebb and flow, the waxing and waning of the natural cycles by which we are governed. The dark moon phase we are now so potently defined in is about the severing of attachments to the old, preparing for rebirth, and renewal of the energies being transformed, transmuted, and adjusted to the new order of existence underway.

Here we stand in the final dark nights of this lunar cycle. The last slivers of light fade to be completely overcome by the darkest hour, where the dream of hope lives and the promise of the return of light. This is also the last dark night – New Moon of this year – 2012, and many believe, in accordance with the Mayan Calendar, this to be on December 13th, the New Moon of the “New World”.

As we approach December 21st, we are in the final days of operating within the “4th dimension” and the transition into the “5th dimension”, or “The New World”, where it is believed to be a new stage in consciousness, where higher levels of perception, sensitivity, and emotional awareness, and higher degrees of heart expansion exist. These days leading up to Now have been, for many, a phenomenal experience of life’s creation with the emphasis being on re-creating life.

The initiation process involves transitions through stages of purification, processing, sacrifice, isolation in the darkness wherein vision can occur, and then the final awakening into light. There has been no way out, no way around the confrontation with Self, only one way left to go Read more →

Astrology Forecast for December 2012

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

The deep sea diving expedition that we have been on lately will return to the surface this month and each of us will have the opportunity to display all that we have foraged from the depths of our hearts and souls.  It has been a long expedition, for some lifetimes, that will now culminate with the long prophesized end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of the “5th World” on the solstice (December 21).  The astrology of this month indicates a certain “coming to terms with Truth,” a time of bringing our own personal truths into alignment with an impersonal, universal Truth that is at the root of all creation.

First, let’s look at the astrology of the month to see what it portends.  We may call this the month of Yods!  A Yod, often called “The Finger of God,” occurs when two planets (in this case Saturn and Pluto) are in sextile to each other (60 degrees) and both are aspecting a third planet (in this case both Jupiter and Lilith) by quincunx (150 degrees).  Besides the planets mentioned Read more →