Every week we have wonderful people from all over the world who volunteer to translate the Pele Report into different languages. Once the Pele Report is posted each week, you can check back here frequently to see if your written translation is ready to click and enjoy.

Written Pele Reports for April 19, 2017

*link will be clickable as soon as that report is ready










*To view past report's written translations, please click Pele Reports in the top menu and find your choice in the list. The written translations are listed underneath that week's video. Injoy!

Volunteer Opportunities: There are several ways you can help to translate and subtitle the Pele Report each week. If you'd like to contribute to the subtitled videos in any language, CLICK HERE for those opportunities. Bookmark that page to check in every week and add a few lines or a whole report!

If you'd like to contribute an entire written report similar to those below, please click the Contact link in the menu at the top of the page and we'll send you instructions on how to submit your translations.

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