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When in crisis I summon my will,
To stand and face, not run and escape,
But remain calm, centered, and still.

Ha ha! That is to say you may want to run and escape! Frickin' messes these days, personal, financial, physical, you name it. Of course we set these problems up for ourselves unconsciously (with an emphasis on UN) to learn something. The idea is that it stops, changes, or self corrects once you get what it is you were/are supposed to learn...... let's hope, eh?

In the meantime, like I say in the report, it's all about priorities and getting them straight.

Straight in alignment with your unconscious Soul evolutionary intention. Hence, it all boils down to making the unconscious conscious and the first one there wins (lol)! Wins as in peace of body, mind, heart, and soul..... Yes! Go for it! Injoy!


9 thoughts on “September 13, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you very much from Mexico. Thats truth I was over whealmed. I can not. Fix everything but to be in my center. Not to run, not to escape. Namaste.

  2. Thank you so much ! You made me laugh much too; my mother ‘s BD september 13th 1931 – she passed by the Virgo Full Feb (1:10 am) 23th; My NatalMoon is at 28 d Virgo too … she has been in my head ; but,since she passed, her soul is now able to aligned & inspire trough my heart, I recently fired the inner critic(s) :o) I’ve followed yr advice and started to watch some of the Jeffrey Wolf Green works (What a great alchimist imho! I also read Elsie Wheeler/Dane Rudyar Sabian symbols a bit too. I need to I am filled with gratitude and much motivation to re investigate my B C in a much more deep & meaningful way , for my soul Self 😉 then ever before !! Sooo Much Love !

  3. Thank you!! YES! Just this week have been starting to profoundly see the ways I let my power and energy attach to/flow to EXTERNAL sources, situations, people…thus leaking my energy and giving my power away. Every time I notice, I make a shift to keep the flow grounded and connected INTERNALLY, to my center, to compassion, or awareness, or my heart space . . . thank you for this affirmation and mantra to keep me on the right track! So much love <3

  4. SUper wow America has been hit by so many hurricanes.My love goes out to all of those people who where there.As I had lost my home in 1979 when 275 kl winds took everything.As beaut humans we bounce back rebuild.pray and live to tell our stories.our pets also are with us.Your mantra was cool. So on a higher level.Gratitude for Breathe Yoga Raw Food friends family.All our sisters brothers around this planet Gaia.Just watching the whales migrate here down under.

  5. Thank you so much, Kaypacha. This Pele Report really hits home for me. Feeling a lot of unconscious memories, fears, and regrets coming up for acknowledgment and then release. The outerworld reflects the inner dimensions and visa versa. Its time to move forward individually and as a collective. Namaste to you, brother.

  6. These Days feeling overwhelmed! It must be due to all the Satellites floating above the Earth. I find Comfort in remembering a Time before the Techno Revolution. Centering OneSelf does require you to prioritise! Its so very unfortunate Universally how Techno Gadgets have become our greatest BS Addiction.

    Imagine how different our Lives on Earth would be had we not been so eager to Allow Technology & all its unpleasantries in! No wonder we are so Broken by continually supporting our Habits & Addiction in the gadgetry Daily grind!

    Turn it Off, TV, Mobile Phone, IPad, Facebook etc etc etc & switch On to just Being Alive & Breath in the Joy surrounding YOU amidst Natures Fury. I Love Love Love Love Love You <3

  7. Sometimes you are so bang on it is unbelievable! This time was one of those times. Mantra duly noted and sorely needed. I was so close to the “I quit” limit and also doing a lot of escape artistry and now I don’t feel so crazy for feeling like enough is enough and I can’t take any more work!! Maybe I’ll hang in there until the cosmos whirls around a bit. Thanks so much for your reports, I watch them every week. This one felt like you were a fly on the wall in my life! Whoah!! Namaste.

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