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Having seen and felt what is wrong with me,
And done all I can to improve,
I now re-emerge onto the stage of Life,
To engage in the dance with you!


09.06.2016Oh Boy! Hang in there for one more wild weekend! We're almost through the eye of the needle (and a sharp needle it has been)! It's like getting stitched up when the anesthetic has worn off.... ouch! This eclipse season, happening in Virgo with a Mercury retrograde squaring Mars/Saturn in Sag has been and is a deep soul searching time that has stirred up the crap for so many of us. Within all that, and hopefully, out of all that, there is new awareness, direction, and impetus to make BIG changes in so many different aspects of our lives.

Look to what house Virgo (and now Libra) fall in your chart to see where your opportunities for expansion, relationship, and change are happening. After the Equinox (Sept 21) we will step into a new vibrational wave much lighter and easier than where we have been this year, and we may start to feel that coming now. So make those final changes, commitments, and close those doors as the train is about to leave the station. All Aboard! Woo Hoo!


13 thoughts on “September 7, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Beautiful, and spot on – as always. Always a highlight of the week, listening to these Pele reports. Deeply grateful for your devotion and all the love you are sharing, Kaypacha. Blessings from Norway. Namaste.

  2. The cat was pure synchronicity! I don’t have time to watch your video yet, but the preface is spot on! 2 days ago I was experiencing absolute self-doubt, to the point of uncertainty. I spent time expressing my fears and doubts, and cried myself inside-out… All to the guiding light that is my cat?. And now, after confronting and releasing these inhibitions, a day later, I am back to dancing with life!

  3. Sooo totally perfect, adorable kitty and all. Thank you, Tom, for your wisdom so joyfully shared! Bright blessings to you & All from my magick paradise in the Catskills foothills of Upstate New York

  4. Whoah! Profound! I see what is wrong with me, but not all! Oh oh, still a few more things to expunge……..
    Thanks for the Lovely counter stuff, too, reminding us the purge is soon to lighten up. You are amazing, thank you from sunny/rainy Brighton Love, light and laughs…….

  5. Boy its been tuff all round for all us sensitives phew, being an august 29th Virgo(critical mass # lol) i felt the Eclipses impact immensely , thanks again for the illumination and wisdom ,look forward to next report <3<3<3

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