Happy New Year! The Vernal Equinox on March 20 is the annual start of the astrological New Year, and the New Paradigm Dream Team shares their insights on this ancient and powerful time. When the Sun ingresses Aries and touches the Aries Point (0 degrees of the Cardinal Signs), our Solar energy emerges from the waters of Pisces to highlight the start of a new cycle in the Tropical zodiac. Join Christina, Eugenia, Sol, Timothy and Marci as they explore the Equinox chart for the symbols that carry a resonance throughout this next quarter year. They'll discuss the mutual reception of Venus rx and Mars, Saturn in a tight conjunction to the Moon on the Galactic Center, the Cardinal Grand Cross and the many asteroid goddesses unveiling an evolution of the feminine.

Please refer to the chart below during the video:

6 thoughts on “Spring Equinox 2017, Dream Team

  1. Thank you for all the insights. I wish I could have heard Timothy more, though. Next time, please try to balance the time for each team member in more even way. 🙂

  2. I agree! I loved hearing Timothy insights- !

    btw b/c i came in a bit late, hadn’t realized Timothy hadn’t shared more prior. felt it so kind of you, Timothy, to include me. yet in retrospect, b/c i was unaware of the “rhythm” – i too wish YOU would have continued your offering…so inspired! (so apologies, if i unintentionally cut you off my dear brother)

    so much love! )

  3. Thank you, cloud thunder ! we will keep sharing, offering more juicy astrological wisdom ! feel free to ask questions on the forum! more love!

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