Lunar Forecast for January 2013 New Moon ~ January 19th

By: Vikara (All time references are for EST, for your location please adjust accordingly, East as far as Australia is ahead a whole day) Let go, surrender, and release has been the mantra for many this past week (and months). This time has moved us powerfully through the final phase that began a full lunar […]

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Forecast for 12/12/12 and New Moon BY: Jessica Vikara Bourque

On 12/12/12, Jupiter is exactly conjunct with Lilith in Gemini, reminding us once again to expand and explore into our ideas and beliefs about the “Truth” of life.  Play around with questioning yourself and others.  When you step into Life, what is the perspective you offer to it?  Do you integrate yourself into the space around […]

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Astrological Perspective for 12/12/12 by Jessica Bourque

An Astrological Perspective for This Time, 12/12/12, and the end of this Lunar Cycle By: Jessica Bourque There is a prayer being whispered, called out, sang, and cried to the Spirit of Life; a genuine heart song created by the purity of Love and inspiration to be alive, born out of the anguish of all […]

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October 8 to October 14 Lunar Forecast by Jessica

We are in the Last Quarter phase where the Waning Half-Moon is fading into the dark night of the New Moon next week Monday.  This is our time (still) to let go, release, and prepare for renewal, and the manifestation and formulation of the new seed, incubating in this very moment deep in our unconscious.  For […]

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September 29 to October 7 Lunar Forecast by Jessica

It is a new beginning…we have been liberated. This is the essence of this most powerful Aries Full Moon on Saturday the 29th.  As the light has been increasing during this past week, so has the tension and the pressure, building up to the inevitable release.   We have all been anxiously awaiting, knowing (consciously […]

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September 22 to 28, Lunar Forecast by Jessica

Listen to this week’s Lunar Forecast in MP3 format   On Saturday the 22nd, the Moon is in Capricorn in its waxing (growth) half-moon phase.  Here at this lunar stage, we are growing and expanding into increasing light and awareness. The Sun enters Libra today, and we have reached the Fall Equinox.  Today, the literal […]

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September 15 to 21, Lunar Forecast by Jessica

Listen to this week’s Lunar Forecast in MP3 format We have reached the New Moon.  Ahhhh… the dark… Often for many, fear and trepidation are provoked by what dwells in the unknown space of darkness, as if there is something waiting to swallow us up and reshape us into something, hopefully not ugly… Oh, how […]

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September 8th to September 14th, Lunar Forecast by Jessica

We have entered into the last week of this Moon cycle where all remaining light will fade into complete darkness.  We entered the Temple of Leo through the last New Moon, and now we are in the last days of completing this cycle.  Symbolically, this represents a time where we must  surrender to letting go […]

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September 1st to September 7th, Lunar Forecast by Jessica

Over the next week, as we move into the phase of descending light, we will begin to feel the energy moving more inward. Our baskets are full, and it’s time to return homeward to sort out what we have gathered, received and left behind from the harvest. Much has come through these past two weeks. We […]

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