Saturn came into a 3/4 (270 degree) square with Chiron on December 28, 2016 (Merry Christmas!), again on April 30, 2017 and a third, final square on November 2, 2017. This video interprets what that means for us and how to make the most of this intense, transformative energy.

This square is an underlying theme contributing to Kaypacha calling 2017 "The end of illusion and profound revelation." It is a year of testing our spiritual grounding, intention, integrity, and just how truly aware we are of "where we have been, where we are, where we're going, and why."

It goes back to the original conjunction of these two in the mid 60s, tying them into the massive civil rights movement, LSD, uniting the east and the west, Martin Luther King, Mao Tze Tung, and more that originated at that time. The 3/4 we are in now is a test to see if the ideals rooted in those times will fully manifest or be defeated. This is both a personal and collective challenge.

13 thoughts on “The Great Chiron Saturn Square of 2017

  1. Thanks Doll,
    So grateful for the joy you offer in your work and service to so many. So fun to be in this community. I learn soooooo much, in so many ways. So comprehensive which I appreciate. Looking forward to attending a week long sometime. Tried for CR but…. another time. Will be there with you all in spirit….

  2. Oh Wow, how incredible to see the timing of the squares, oppositions and reflect on the influence these have had! I am a 1976-er, ha! So much goodness in this offering, Kaypacha, deep bows for all that you share. See you in June in BC! Love and more love… ~*~

  3. This hit me right at my core – thank you so much for covering this topic! Before now I haven’t seen much about about the Saturn/Chiron square, and I can easily see (and feel) how these energies are playing out in my own life and the collective. Things have been super intense for many years now, and obviously it’s not over yet! But I’m grateful for the opportunities these planets are laying at our feet… for learning, growth, and transformation. Hugs to you!

  4. Cheers Kaypacha. I appreciate your wisdom and integrity in your teachings. I know you spend a lot of time in research and am very grateful. Say… I loved the Chiron (Charon) analogy; the gent that you pay a coin to get across the rainbow (river). Interesting! So much content. Many Blessings.

  5. yeah – great perspective – touching us wherever we are – I feel like one of Charlie’s Angels and I just got a report from Charlie x x x OK – got it 🙂

  6. I feel like I’ve been tested, manipulated, and at times bullied by Saturn/Chiron themes my entire life; I was born in October of 1975. I recently watched a fascinating BBC documentary called HyperNormalisation ( ) explaining how we have arrived in the post-truth political world; a global paradigm that began in 1975.
    It seems that fear and suffering are the initiation for awakening to polarity consciousness and the trappings of victim consciousness. It is my healed vision to transform fear and suffering into opportunities for enlightened abundance. Thank you so much for your continued inspiration!

  7. Thank you Kaypacha. I have a much clearer picture of what my responsibility is for the next six months. Thank you so much for making this video and sharing your insights with us all. Namaste we are one .

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