'The spiritual journey contrary to popular belief is not necessarily a simple one-way ticket forward, there and done. Chiron as a principal of healing reveals a process far more wholesome, involving a looping or a coming full-circle. As we look into our greatest woundedness we will uncover our capability to empathize and truly understand the suffering of others. We will discuss how Chiron in the chart can reveal both what hinders us and what gives us a unique capability to help others along their healing journey. The curse, and the blessing in disguise.'


6 thoughts on “Timothy Halloran, Astrology Rising: Chiron: Healing Through Bridging & Weaving

    • Hi Jennifer, the Chiron poem / meditation I wrote for this presentation and will attach below:

      A light… warm, glowing, approaching, a stoic silence, and it is as though the air around us bows
      The light is pierced open by a white hot burning beam and love pours out like a golden stream
      His hand rests upon his heart, which explodes in ecstasy
      He moves as though falling, piercing through space like an arrow, penetrating into the hearts of all that set eyes on him, he carves through dimensions wielding the power of burning love and compassion
      He throws himself into the fiery pit of his own Heart’s ecstasy, sacrificing himself into the position of the dimensional bridger, holding open the passageways to the upper and lower worlds so that souls, medicines and messengers may transcend their limited containers, that burst into their beautiful and triumpant nature (heros), like flowers bursting from buds into full bloom which then eventually drop and disintegrate… into a dust, crushed into medicine and oil
      To be in the presence of Chiron is to have your heart burst
      For it is to experience the disintegration of the old reality, the hell realm of the past, and be pulled through the hot furnace of heartbreak, the steam engine of white hot love and truth that pulverizes the heart into pure love, bliss, and ecstasy…
      So that all that remains is bliss and ecstasy
      Every particle around is absorbed, like a moth running into the flame
      Every inch of us is humbled and purified
      Every heart can breathe deeper, can drink deeper it’s own sweet nectar
      Every soul here can connect with his or her most innermost being
      Every soul here is reminded of his or her innermost purpose
      And is deeply refreshed, and uplifted
      For no matter how far we stray from our heart we can return
      By the Grace of Love

      • !!Thank you so much !! What an Inspiration Chiron is for YOU Tim, wow, gulp… This was so powerfull fr me to hear & feel !! Very moving… Ouh la la la… ( I do not know how to interpret my bc yet , I am just starting to study it, Chiron as an astrological archetype is new to me too, even so this archetype is frikken active in my reality in this life time… in my chart it is shown retrograde & beeing in Pisces in the 8th H , my original woundedness may have it’s origin in old past lives ; when it is opposing Pluto in the 2nd (!?) And Pluto is conjuct Uranus in the 1rst H ( I can corroborate fr the traumaS signature ) For now, what I can understand from my bc fr this particular aspect, is to realize that my soul’s mission is to be a shamanic healer, fr this to be possible, I will need to heal, ( trust issues ) with a deep love relationship based on support & respect of engagement, integrity… or if I do not find my soulmate healer, I will die broken & will have to re do this in my futur life ?!

  1. Sweet resonance in your light heart, somber heart, open heart presentation.

    … I have known this thorn pushed in tearing open the heart flesh, as Love`s seed enlarging heart as it breaks the flesh. The flesh all wrangled but moving into harmonic flourishings as it opens, extends and enfolds abundant living.

    In this day I found your voice on karma sososo refreshing. I desire more articulation about karma or the Job syndrom of the bible.

    BIG HUGS, xmic

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