12/10/2014 - Awakenings Radio
Join me this Wednesday on Awakenings Radio for a live interview. The whole show runs from 12pm to 1:30 Pacific time. My guest spot will be just before 1pm. Injoy! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

11/11/2014 - Soulvability TV Amsterdam
"Earthmedia's Soulvability TV rose to the occasion when Kaypacha was so kind to make some time in his tight schedule to have an interview with us. right after his Astro Eve Lecture about New Paradigm Astrology 2014-2015 in Club Lite Amsterdam. 

Kaypacha was invited by Heart Tribe | Shanti Devi in The Netherlands for an 'Astro Eve', to share his wisdom in public in a 2 hour lecture about the New Paradigm Astrology, Solar eclipse, Mercury retrograde, about relationships, cooperations, community, about shifting times and his astrological forecast for 2014-2015."

11/9/2014 - Dinka's Lef je Leven Series
"In this interview Tom speaks about how he is loyal to his heart and how he shapes that into his own life. Of course Tom also talks about the stars and planets and in this case often related to Tom’s birth horoscope."

8/20/2014 - O World Project
click here to listen to the recording

5/1/2014 - Kindred Spirit Magazine Article
click here to read  the article

4/5/2014 - Interview with Cosmic LOVE
click here to listen in

3/23/2014 - Interview with Adam Sommer
Exploring Astrology with Tom Lescher
click here to check out the page
click here to go directly to the podcast 

2/2/2014 - Interview on Astrotheology Radio
A radio talk with Kaypacha

11/22/2013 - Interview with Lilou on Gaiam TV
We are just beginning a time of great transformation as Earth begins a new 26,000 year cycle. It is a time of self empowerment where we take charge of our own development and create our own realities. But this transition is being met with resistance from those who are firmly attached to the old patriarchal ways. Tom Kaypacha Leshcer explains how the movements of Saturn and Jupiter will carry us through this initial transition period in this interview with Lilou Macé originally webcast November 22, 2013.
CLICK HERE to watch!  

(This was a great interview. Gaiam TV would like you to subscribe, and it's a great site! There is a 10-day free trial if you just want to check out my interview and some others quickly. Injoy!)

11/14/2013 - Inspiration for Creation interview with Lindi
CLICK HERE to watch!

10/23/2013 - Kaypacha on Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation with Peter Tongue
CLICK HERE for the replay!

10/22/2013 - Join Kaypacha on October 22nd at 2pm EST with Bernard Alvarez on Revolution Radio.
CLICK HERE for the replay!

9/14/2013 - Interview with ThyselfKnown
This is a written interview Q&A. CLICK HERE for the PDF.

8/2/2013 - Interview with Lilou
What Choices are Important to Make Now - Lilou's Juicy Living Tour Interviews Kaypacha

7/4/2013 - Interview with Dena Marie and Friends
CLICK HERE to check out the Lift Your Spirits interview

6/5/2013 - Interview with Helane Lipson
CLICK HERE to check out the interview video

5/25/2013 - Interview with James Gilliland
CLICK HERE to listen in

5/29/2013 - Interview on The Consciousness Shift
CLICK HERE to watch the recorded interview

4/25/2013 - Break Free Stories with Kaypacha
CLICK HERE to download this interview

3/17/2013 - Shadowland Voyagers on Truth Frequency Radio



1/7/2013 - Wired for Success TV, Ayahuasca, relationships, karma, free energy, breakdowns in society and much more from Astrology and Kundalini Yoga Expert, Tom Kaypacha Lescher.  It’s almost impossible to ignore that Dec 21 2012 came and went with no ‘visible’global drama.  However…
Click here to listen to the interview 


12/18/2012 - World Puja Network, Tom provides a forecast for the end of 2012 and into 2013, and other astrological musings.
Click here to listen to the mp3 download

1 2/16/2012 - Kip de Moll Interview
***note: the page says 'Presentation Concluded' but if you continue through the first minute or so of music, the interview will begin.
Click here to listen to the broadcast 

- Helane Lipson interviews Tom on Embracing What is Real

Click here for the YouTube video interview
Embracing whats real IS the forum to explore the nature of reality and the impact our current belief systems have on our lives. All of our deep rooted old beliefs are what many of us use to judge ourselves and our actions. Our current belief systems impact every single choice we make. So, when we feed our spirit with new empowering ideas about the meaning of life--- the meaning of our lives change. 

9/20/12 - This hour long interview explains the intense changes occurring between now and specifically December 21, 2012.
***note: the page says 'Presentation Concluded' but if you continue through the first minute or so of music, the interview will begin.
Listen to the INSTANT REPLAY of Tom's interview with Kip de Moll.

9/7/2012 - Tom chats with Hello Dr CJ on the Astrology of 2012 and Beyond
We'll discuss what is reflected in the stars for the remainder of this year and into 2013/14. New Paradigm Astrology is more about soul evolution as depicted in the heavens than predicting earthly events. Astrology is about synchronicity, not cause and effect... we will NOT be approaching the subject like the planets are doing or forcing anything to us or on us but rather reflecting the changes in human consciousness through archetypal pictures.

Listen to internet radio with Hello Dr CJ on Blog Talk Radio


5/13/2012 - Astrology Report for May 2012 and Beyond - Tom Lescher

Tom Lescher returns via the cruise ship with Jewels as they dive into the awakening of planet.

Listen to internet radio with Law of Attraction on Blog Talk Radio


4/16/2012 - Consider This.. Guest TOM LESCHER ~ New Paradigm Astrology

Renowned New Paradigm Astrologer in Hawaii joins Reverend Drs. Linda Marie Nelson and Nancy Ash in a spiritual evolutionary dialog from the heart uniting our world in Oneness honoring ALL perspectives in sacred traditions. Guided meditation with music.

Listen to internet radio with Art of Living Well Radio on Blog Talk Radio


7/14/2011 - Interview with Tom Lescher

Riding the waves with Tom Lescher is absolutely delightful as he shares details about upcoming energies from our planets that shake-up the status quo in our lives. YES! The movement is here to slide us from one direction to the other, waking us up–hopefully with smiles on our faces or at least with  ease and grace.

Listen to internet radio with tazzandpaula on Blog Talk Radio



For more BlogTalkRadio Interviews with Tom Lescher, click here.

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