Please read this information before registering for any of Kaypacha's events:

12112472_10153740300172008_3375825641695227339_nDue to the activities, content, and format of Kaypacha's events, participants are asked the following:
1.  Be in good enough physical condition to participate in kundalini yoga and other physical activities, at least to a limited extent.
2.  Be of sound mind and body, not under the care of a doctor or on prescription medication.
3.  Have at least a basic knowledge of your personal birthchart that includes but is not limited to the sign and house of all your planets (natal chart aspects would be very helpful too).  
4.  Be prepared, open, and willing to access and feel what may be, at times, uncomfortable feelings.  Astrology assists us in accessing unconscious aspects of ourselves which can include unsettling memories and emotions.  Taboo subjects may be addressed, as well as projected shadow material as part of the transformative healing process which is the whole intention of these workshops.  Kaypacha invites you to feel your feelings within the safe space created at the workshop and expects that participants can hold that safe space for each other.
5.  Plan on disconnecting from the internet and your phone for the duration of the event.
6.  Refrain from drugs, alcohol, and smoking during the event.   While a glass of wine at dinner may happen and there will be a "smoking zone" somewhere, please make every attempt to limit the use of substances that reduce or serve to suppress feelings.
7.  Please understand that the schedule and content of any workshop is subject to change in order to meet the needs of those who show up and the current transits happening at the time of the workshop.
8. Kaypacha's workshops have a tendency to fill up quickly, and this is not always immediately indicated on the website. If you are interested in registering for any workshop, please make contact with the organizer ASAP to express your interest and get an idea of participation limits and deadlines, etc. Most workshop organizers also form waiting lists for those who do not register in time.
9. In order for Kaypacha to be available to everybody and fully present for the whole group during a workshop, personal astrology readings will not be available (except in Luang Prabang where everyone will receive a free reading). To find out about scheduling a personal reading with Kaypacha or one of his colleagues, please click HERE


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    December 2-4, 2016, Bangkok

    2016: Year of Purification December 2-4, 2016 Bangkok From September, 2015 when Jupiter enters the sign of Virgo, through almost all of 2016, we will be experiencing a collective purging process.  Astrologically, this is reflected in the Moon’s Nodes moving into the Virgo/Pisces axis where Jupiter will be opposing both Chiron and Neptune while Saturn

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    January 25-31, 2017 – Costa Rica

    Expanding our Relationships: Releasing the Illusions of the Past to Create Balance and Clarity January 25-31, 2017, Costa Rica Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies How do we manifest our relationships after the past year of purification? How do we breakthrough (or breakout?) into the balance we all so desire? We have had so many personal roadblocks

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    May 6-13, 2017 – Astrology Rising, Costa Rica

    Astrology Rising: Co-Creating the Future May 6-13, 2017 As more and more people turn away from the false teachings of current day authorities to understand themselves and the world, astrology is regaining its standing as the highest of the occult art/sciences.  We are excited to celebrate its resurgence and herald the New Paradigm that it is

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    June 30 – July 2, 2017, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

    Tools for Discovering Your Soul's Purpose A weekend in-depth Astrology workshop with Kaypacha on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia Friday June 30 - Sunday July 2, 2017 Astrology is far more than a predictive tool to tell the future. It is a source of deep understanding, truth, and healing. Each participant will, in advance, send

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    November 1-14, 2017, Ayurveda Retreat, India

    Ayurveda Healing Journey Retreat Nov 1- 14th 2017 Join Kaypacha and Fateh for an Ayurveda Healing experience in Kerala, India for 14 days / 13 nights ! There’s an ancient belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that means “life wisdom”,