Please read this information before registering for any of Kaypacha's events:

12112472_10153740300172008_3375825641695227339_nKaypacha is very excited to meet you and hopes to create a strong container for alchemical transformation to occur on many levels.  We are that container!  Our clear, conscious focus, timeliness, and open hearts create a safe, secure heart space where growth can occur.  We therefore ask the you read the following conditions and wholeheartedly agree to them! 

1.  Be in good enough physical condition to attend and participate in the kundalini yoga kriyas and other physical activities, at least to a limited extent.  If, for some reason you are unable to do yoga, agree to speak to Kaypacha before missing a class, as he waits for everyone to arrive before starting.
2.  Be of sound mind and body, not under the care of a doctor or on psychotropic medications.
3.  Plan on disconnecting from the internet and your phone for the duration of the event.   If for some reason you need to be available for emergencies, please let Kaypacha know.
4.  Refrain from drugs, marijuana, alcohol, and smoking during the event.   While a glass of wine at dinner may be available at some locations, and there is usually a "smoking zone" somewhere, please make every attempt to limit the use of substances that reduce or serve to suppress feelings.
5. Have at least a basic knowledge of your personal birthchart that includes, but is not limited to, the sign and house of all your planets (natal chart aspects would be very helpful too).   If you are new to astrology, you agree to have watched the Astrology 101 webinar sent to you.
6.  Please understand that the schedule and content of any workshop is subject to change in order to meet the needs of those who show up and the current transits happening at the time of the workshop.
7. In order for Kaypacha to be available to everybody and fully present for the whole group during a workshop, personal astrology readings will not be available. To find out about scheduling a personal reading with Kaypacha or one of his colleagues, please click HERE
8.  Be prepared, open, and willing to access and feel what may be, at times, uncomfortable feelings.  Astrology assists us in accessing unconscious aspects of ourselves which can include unsettling memories and emotions.  Taboo subjects may be addressed, as well as projected shadow material as part of the transformative healing process which is the whole intention of these workshops.  Kaypacha invites you to feel your feelings within the safe space created at the workshop and expects that participants can hold that safe space and truly listen to each other.

9. Refund Policy:  While we understand that life is crazy and plans change, we also hope you understand that it is a lot of work to put on a retreat, high risk, and not easy to fill empty seats last minute, as most of them require advance travel plans.  We cannot expect to fill your spot with less than 30 days notice (90 would be more like it).  Therefore, there is a 10% administration fee for all cancellations (90% refund) prior to 30 days before the event, and a 50% cancellation fee if you cancel within 30 days of the event (50% refund).


  • February 22-25, 2018 – Envision Festival, Costa Rica

    Water Water Everywhere! Astrology Immersion with Kaypacha In this workshop, we will explore the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and planets Moon, Neptune and Pluto in your natal birth chart. Through this exploration we will see where your soul is seeking new birth, change and transformation in this life. The element of water reveals the mystery around the feminine,

  • March 30-April 1, 2018 – Crete Island, Greece

    Sacred Caves under the Blue Minoan Moon March 30 - April 1 2018 Crete Island, Greece Crete is the cosmic crossroads of creation. Over five million years ago, humans crawled out of the sacred cave, womb of Gaia the earth mother. They descended from the Holy Mountain toward the sea and gazed across the primordial

  • Egypt, Nile Cruise, April 6-16, 2018

    The Healing Power of Love II A Sacred Journey down the Nile Uniting Heaven and Earth April 6-16, 2018 The temples of ancient Egypt functioned as places of initiation into the mysteries and portals between different “worlds” of experience.  The power and energy of what happened there still lives in the space, stone, and aura

  • April 19-22, 2018 – Athens, Greece

    Uniting Divine & Earthly Love The Astrology of Neptune, Venus & Mars April 19-22, 2018 Athens, Greece The year of 2018 is one of deep transformation through a descent into the underworld of our psyches and the shadow realms within to tap into the true roots of ourselves and regain the lost power latent and

  • April 27-May 2, 2018 – Mallorca, Spain

    Celebrating Alchemical Transformation from Death to Resurrection April 27-May 2, 2018 Mallorca, Spain 2018 is a year of just that.  Jupiter moving through Scorpio this year reflects the evolutionary impulse to evolve through meeting the “Dweller on the Threshold,” the “Keeper of our Fears” of loss, betrayal, and abandonment, with the potential to grow exponentially

  • May 3-7, 2018 – Berlin, Germany

    The Alchemy of Transformation:  The Taurus/Scorpio Axis An astrological workshop with Kaypacha May 3-7, 2018 Aloha am See, Berlin, Germany  Humanity is now in the process of redefining itself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and sexually.  As established patriarchal socio/cultural/religious conditioning gives way to a new paradigm of understanding the masculine and feminine, we are poised between




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