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This month I would like to shed some light on those two hidden teacher/healers Chiron and Neptune.  This video takes them through the first six houses of your natal birthchart and will be followed week after next by another video "Part Two" taking them through houses 7-12.  You want to pull out your chart and see where 15 degrees (plus or minus 5) falls and pay special attention to that area in your chart.

In addition to the house position, I also have tried to bring in aspects they may be making to natal planets in your chart, specifically the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sag, and Pisces (again 15 degrees or so).  If you have planets in those degrees, these two may be wreaking havoc with your planets (self)!  I hope you gain some insights and Injoy!

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4 thoughts on “Chiron and Neptune Thru the Houses – Part 1

  1. Kaypacha, You are so good and soothing. You described my life with Neptune transiting the Third! Kirtans and Contact Dance 😉 <3 Grateful, you always make me feel more at peace.

    Thank you <3

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