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1st Quarter Moon 04º Libra June 26


〰️ Deep belly yawns 〰️

The surreal vibes are calming down a bit, and that feels mighty good for the whole nervous system. As the Sun is now in gentle and sweet Cancer, the time to digest all that has happened in the last very hectic month is here. No more running left and right 24/7. No more catching a little breath in between the in-betweens.

The Sabian Symbol for the first quarter Moon offers a rather beautiful insight: «A man teaching the true inner knowledge» points to the need to learn from our mistakes and mishaps and extract from any experience that which provides value. And reflecting on the Sun’s passage through Cancer, we could deduce that the teacher, the voice we should listen to, is the voice of our authentic needs. So what are they?

Cancer, being the opposite sign to Capricorn, representing the pressures of the world and one’s duty, balances life by reminding us that we need to take time off to heal and digest. The genuine and truthful should ideally be inviolable, but that is not always the case. The inner contradictions and numerous ideals and ideas that we follow sometimes conflict with our deepest needs. Other times there isn’t any room for those needs as larger needs like family and duty need to be dealt with.

And now Pluto is back in Capricorn, urging us to look at that particular paradox of life. The Sun is also in a trine aspect to Saturn in Pisces for this quarter lunar phase. Certain ideals that inform our capacity to take responsibility will be in question, whether we are sloppy and make up the rules as we go along, or we are someone on the other end of the spectrum, take on too much and have way too strict rules about how to do this life that we live.

Guilt is, at times, an awakening to neglected responsibilities, and other times it is a bad trip due to a lack of feeling worthy and fear of punishment. And figuring out the difference is what Saturn in Pisces will do for us all during its stay there. Quite interestingly, Saturn is in Pisces for the entire time Pluto transitions back and forth between Capricorn; duty and responsibility, and Aquarius; freedom and liberation. This underlying story will move into conscious reality for the time being. Venus will make her first of three squares this summer to Uranus, the liberator, and the call for freedom is here. Yet, there is no freedom without proper alignment. And herein lies the work—no more skipping steps.

Cancer helps us by teaching us to listen inward to our authentic selves. From a Cancer perspective, we learn to taste and feel. We learn to be close to life, and with that comes a deep need to be selective. The capacity to either open up and say yes or to close back and say no comes from a profound understanding of personal needs. Cancer is subjective and teaches us that it is ok to have needs. We don’t have to take everything and everyone into our inner circle. Cancer is our underwear, and that needs to be comfortable and soft. Not sticky, itchy, and tight.

As Cancer relates to the digestion process in our bodies, a closer look at this system reveals that it isn’t good for us to eat or absorb everything. The need to be selective and listen to the body occurs mainly through two signs, Cancer and Virgo. And right now, the astrological cosmos is fueling Cancer energy, strengthened by Jupiter in Taurus and Mars-Venus in Leo, urging a particular focus on the Self. It is a highly personal and subjective focus. What do we want? Who do we want to be with? What people and situations are good for us, and what is simply pushing too hard and too far?

This yummy, soft, and delicious energy is best spent finding a deeper balance between the inner and the outer world. The «teacher» implied by the Sabian Symbol for the Moon could be a situation occurring in a relationship or advice from a good and dear friend wanting the best for us.

The archetype of Cancer is a healing one, especially as we live in a time and age where surviving often means pushing oneself to the limit. Strength and stamina take time to develop, and if that journey is driven by fear and impatience, the result is fatigue.

So it is time for deep belly yawns, luxurious stretches, crying and laughing, cuddles, and listening to the silence that rests inside each droplet of time. It is time to be human.

Sol W Jonassen

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