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1st Quarter Moon 09º Capricorn Oct 2, 2022


〰️ Start anew 〰️

This month’s lunar cycle highlights the Cardinal Cross of Libra, Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer. The Cardinal Cross marks the seasonal shifts and exemplifies new beginnings, change, and a fresh new start. We have entered a new season in our atmosphere, and our internal environment will reflect this.

It is a month where we are seeding and birthing what can feel like special and significant new life focuses, new projects, and new relationships into our worlds. We’ve come out of a period of purging, letting go, and releasing the weighty past, and now we have arrived at the Libra gates where a new perspective and new ways of relating are welcomed.

It is a time of renewal and refocuses as the new direction that many of us had already begun to seed with our intentions months ago is now starting to take form.

This Libra New Moon cycle is defined by lessons of partnership and how we are each in relationship to ourselves and then in turn with others. As Venus is now traveling hand in hand with the Sun in Venus, Love is in the air! Self-love, in-love, be-love, this month is all about our relationships and bonds and how our love is expressed through them.

This first quarter moon in Capricorn (square the Libra Sun and Venus) is a pivotal point in this grander month-long cycle characterized by strong initiatory energy. Make a change, start anew, is the theme.

This week, as the Moon continues to build into its fullness at the upcoming Aries Full Moon, we are in the creative expansion phase, where taking action and making physical adjustments wherever necessary is paramount. This week can specifically reveal a confrontation around something you are doing (or not doing) as the root of the problem within your relationship/s.

As Uranus and the North Node of the Moon are still traveling tightly together, revolutionary change defines the hour. We are all going through profound personal transformations and reorientations around our values, deepest desires, and needs. By early next year, many of us will feel like a butterfly, having come through the metamorphosis into a new way of being.

Over these next couple of weeks, we will be experiencing the first of three major alignments between Mars and Neptune from now through March. The Mars retrograde cycle heralds a powerful square between the two planets promising chaos and magic alike!

This transit will test our temptations, desires, vitality, boundaries, and ability to act from noble, sacred, and integral intentions. It’s wild energy that can tap both the magical and divine as well as the profane and self-destructive.

Blessings on your path.

Sincerely, Jessica

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